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As previously state in the first post on my time into the land of the exotic birds, I was called upon to provide a service, and I will argue that i was the greatest beneficiary.
Like most folks, I am a busy guy; however, when my wife makes those concrete plans that are so permanent that they most resemble the ankle weights for a deep sea dive by the mob, you heed her call first and foremost.
I have bunches of images from my travels across North Carolina, many that I have never shared. Often, my travel partner (my wife, Lynn, and I ) like to take hikes to rather remote places and we take pictures: me with my Canon DSLR, and she with her fine phone's camera.
Savannah, and all of Georgia, was born from the imagination of a group of philanthropic trustees, led by British General James Oglethorpe, to provide a fresh start for debtors and the Irish.


Public Perspective

What does this election prove? Is it not obvious?
Lots of social pressure has been taken from me.
That subtitle for a Wall Street Journal article on how not to stress about preparing the quintessential Thanksgiving meal caught my eye. Yes, I have stressed over that meal in the past, but not to the extreme outlined in the WSJ.
If you commit a crime, you have committed a crime!

A Historical Perspective

Most people will remember April 4, 1968 as the day that Martin Luther King was assassinated. While that was a more histrionically important event, that date will always seired in my mind as the date of a battle we fought in Vietnam. I was only in country for a couple of months and the loss of comr
I am not a veteran. I only have the greatest respect for those who have served, unsurpassed by all professions that keep America safe and strong.
As a Dustoff Pilot, I would fly out for pick-ups in the field. Each day I would see the conditions that the ground troops had to endure and I would draw comparisons to my own situation.
In remembrance of the day that will forever seer the concept of 'evil' in our minds, let's look back at that fateful morning, exactly 11 years ago today to that series of horrific events which unfolded before our unbelieving eyes......


Health and Fitness

As the Coronavirus pandemic, or COVID-19, progresses through mutation and spread throughout the world and, ultimately, the United States, BCN shall endeavor to keep the public informed.
The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services today announced the launch of a new online portal for North Carolinians receiving or looking to apply for Medicaid.
More than ever, rural communities in America are in need of a strong advocate to help shape the future of health care delivery by strengthening academic hospitals and health systems.
You are receiving the attached message and email below from Beaufort County's EOC as a method of keeping you informed about our county's response to COVID-19.


Hearth and Home

Coffee liqueur is a most delicious drink - especially if you love the smell and taste of good coffee.
In 1987, my cousins published and sold a cookbook for a church project. It contains unhealthy ingredients for large farm families.
Many small rural churches raise money by printing and selling cookbooks. My cousins published Cousins Cookbook for such a purpose and sold 2000 copies.


It's Personal

I am not a veteran. I only have the greatest respect for those who have served, unsurpassed by all professions that keep America safe and strong.
Kenneth Carroll Womble, 89, of Raleigh, passed away peacefully on Monday, March 26, 2018, at home, with family by his side.


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