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    Currently, we have 82 lots in the Chocowinity Township, with some remaining yet to be revealed, and one large commercial tract (center of Washington) for sale, all completely different, some with uniquely disparate restrictions, all with deeded water access to the Pamlico River /Chocowinity Bay (except the "center of Washington commercial tract").  You can find a list of these building plots here, as they come on line, along with broad descriptions of some of their varied features.

    How to fit a niche is often an acquired trait as needs present themselves, especially regarding real property - the space where real people reside. Currently, there is a dearth of large, highly secluded lots offered close to our region's population centers, especially ones with water access on, and, or to the Pamlico River.

    Land like this, in the Chocowinity Township, about 3/4 to a 1 and 1/2  miles east of Cypress Landing, not so far east in the hinterlands of Beaufort County, is an increasingly rare find.  Some people want: curb and gutter; street lights; city taxes with city services, or, an over-bearing Homeowners' Association, complete with nearly 100 pages of association dictum that could eventually morph into a corporate produced HOA nightmare of misapplied governance.

    Other folks find solace in a more freedom based governance of their property; moreover, they desire not only the freedom to use their property responsibly, knowing that their freedom to so will eventually allow them to enjoy a closer connnection to the stewardship of their property.

    Accordingly, the seclusion of these large lots: uniquely placed, in perfect solitude, atop the hills within the Calf Creek watershed, with soils available for well working septic systems; very near to the southern banks of the Pamlico River, complete with water access, is an ideal and personally perfect situation in which to live out one's days, however they wish ... within reason, of course.

This deeded access lot, with over 151' of frontage on Chocowinity Bay /Pamlico River, and quite large at .85 acre, is viewed here from the south side of the lot where we view the Pamlico River. The community access lot has a boat ramp with a pier in place: Above. The map of the deeded access lot: Below.     photos /maps by Stan Deatherage     Click images to expand.

Tract I

(lots priced with descriptions)

Lot #1 Residential/Light Commercial Est. 1.411 acres
Light commercial encumbered by strict limitations
(3 bdrms. effluent)
Lot #2 Residential/Light Commercial Est. 1.215 acres
Light commercial encumbered by strict limitations
(3 bdrms. effluent)
Lot #3 Residential/Light Commercial Est. 1.736 acres
Light commercial encumbered by strict limitations
(3 bdrms. effluent)

    This group of three lots are tucked into the woods, surrounded by common property owned trails and natural parks, irrevocably secluded, but with state road frontage along the southern right of way of Old Blounts Creek Road at the far northeastern property line of the this 421 acres project, is more secluded and a lower price per acre than any of the other lots I have to offer now or in the future.  

    Unique to this seclusion of these three lots, with waterfront access, within Tract I, there will be a need for an off-site septic system (the cost of the land needed for an easement to the septic field, and the septic field as well, to support a 3 bedroom dwelling is no charge).  

    The developer will provide septic space for a 3 bedroom dwelling, with that site constructed dwelling being a minimum of 2000 square feet with a two car garage, built of materials, and in an intended fashion to only enhance the value of the prospective buyer's property, and in some sustaining measure the neighboring value of the community.

Three Large Secluded Lots in the Calf Creek watershed, all with deeded water access and an abundance of deeded community property to the Pamlico River Estuary: Above.     Map by Stan Deatherage     Click map to expand.

    These 3 large lots, all similar in many respects besides all having hard surfaced road access off Old Blounts Creek Road, are well drained - all proposed building sites are on hills; well wooded with hardwoods on building sites; off-site septic systems,    water access on the Chocowinity Bay (west) /Pamlico River (east); shared borders with natural swaths of community owned property adding a greater sense of ownership and additional seclusion.

In certain circumstances, where well warranted, space (acreage) may be purchased for septic systems in additional increments of 120 gallons per day (enough for one bedroom) for the septic drainfield at 3,500.00.

This video, created by SNI Productions, represents deeded waterfront access property that is conveyable for Rice Patch Creek Preserve and Calf Creek Preserve owners: Below.

Co-brokerage for the entire tract or multiple individual tracts in a one sale scenario is 3% of sales price to the brokerage representing the sales side of the conveyance. Co-brokerage for the individual lots is 5% of sales price to the brokerage representing the sales side of the conveyance.

Contact Information Below:

Stan Deatherage,    broker #82765

106 Beechtree Street
Washington, NC 27889

Business: (252) 946-1132  •  Cell: (252) 946-2361  •  email:   •

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