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Remarks by President Trump in Press Conference | September 7, 2020

    And the dirtiest fight of all is the issuance of 80 million ballots, unrequested. They're not requested; they're just sending 80 million ballots all over the country. Eighty million ballots, non-requested. I call them "unsolicited ballots." That's going to be the dirtiest fight of all. People are going to get ballots; they're going to say, "What am I doing?" And then they're going to harvest. They're going to do all the things.

    And if you look at the last period of six months - take a look at the races where they've sent ballots out. Take a look at Carolyn Maloney, whose race should be redone because she won that race totally unfairly to her opponent. Her opponent did very well against her. That race should be rerun, but they declared her the winner because they heard I found out about it. But take a look at what's happened in New Jersey and in Virginia, in different places. It's a disgrace. That'll be a beauty.

    Yeah, please.

    Q Thank you, Mr. President. If proven true, are you okay with Postmaster General DeJoy and the fact that he asked former employees at his private company to make donations to the GOP and then reimburse them? Are you okay with that?

    THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, I don't know too much about it. I read something this morning, but I don't - other than that, I'd have to see it. He's a very respected man. He was approved very much by both parties, I guess. It was sort of a - an approval that took place by both parties. I don't know exactly what the story is. I'll certainly know within a short period of time. I just read it for the first time - I read it this morning, just like you did.

    Q Would you support an investigation, sir?

    THE PRESIDENT: Sure. Sure.

    Q And in -

    THE PRESIDENT: I think let the investigations go. But - but he's a very respected man. Again, it was a bipartisan commission. Postmaster general is appointed by a bipartisan commission. And we'll see how that goes. But, no, I think he's a very honest guy, but we'll see.


    Q He's proven to be a campaign -

    Q Thank you, Mr. President -

    THE PRESIDENT: Go ahead, please.

    Q Mr. President, just a follow-up, please, if you don't mind. If it's proven to be a campaign finance scheme, do you think he should lose his job?

    THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. If something can be proven that he did something, always. You know?

    Q Thank you.


    THE PRESIDENT: Always. They've been looking at me for four years; they found nothing. Four years. Think of it: For four years - from the day I came down the escalator, I've been under investigation by sleaze, and they found nothing. They found nothing. A friend of mine said, "You have to be the most innocent, honorable man ever to hold the Office of President."

    Think of it: They spent - just Mueller alone, he spent - I guess the real number turned out to be $48 million, but whatever it was - many, many millions of dollars. They had 18 angry Democrats looking. They had FBI agents all over the place. They had every - and they have no collusion. Friends of mine have said - sophisticated friends have said, "You've got to be the most innocent guy ever to hold this office." And there's a lot of truth to that.

    Yeah, please.

    Q Thank you, Mr. President. After Navalny poisoning, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is under pressure to cancel Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany. Would you support such a move?


    Q Do you think that the project should be canceled?

    THE PRESIDENT: Sure. Well, I've been support- - I've been supportive of that. I was the first one that brought it up. You never heard of Nord Stream 2 until Trump came along.

    When I came along, I said, "Wait a minute. We're protecting Germany from Russia, right?" NATO. "We're protecting Germany from Russia. Germany is paying Russia billions and billions of dollars to get their energy." And the real number is probably 60 to 70 percent, ultimately, of their energy is going to come from Russia. And I said this for years, that nobody talks about it. One of the many things, between sanctions and all of the - what we've done for Ukraine, relative to what the past - they used to send pillows, and we sent tank busters. But I brought that up a long time ago. Russia is unhappy that I brought it up. But you never heard of Nord Stream 2; nobody did, until I got elected.

    And I said, "Why is Germany making a deal to give billions of dollars to Russia, and then we're protecting Germany from Russia? How does that work?" And then, on top of it, Germany is delinquent because they're only paying a little more than 1 percent and they're supposed to be paying 2 percent, and even the 2 percent is low. But just remember: Trump - me - I got the countries of NATO to spend one point - $130 billion, going to $400 billion a year. Think of it: $400 billion a year more for NATO.

    And the purpose of NATO primarily is Europe protection against Russia. Now, they can use it for other, I guess - and they have a little bit in the Middle East, et cetera, et cetera.

    But I'm the one that did that. So - but nobody talks about that. Nobody talks about Nord Stream 2.

    The answer is: Absolutely, if they feel that something happens. But I don't know that Germany is in a position right now, because Germany is in a very weakened position, energy wise. They're closing all their plants. They're closing their nuclear. They're closing their coal. They're closing a lot of plants. And they are - they have put themselves in a very bad position, frankly. Very, very bad position.

    Yeah, please.

    Q Mr. President, can I follow up Jeff Mason's question? Have you asked John Kelly to publicly refute The Atlantic? And then, can I ask something else?

    THE PRESIDENT: No, I have nothing against John. I have nothing against anybody. No.

    I was very heartened to see that a friend of his - because I know Zach is a friend of his and worked for him - I was very heartened to see that Zach Fuentes came out with the statement that he did - I guess, late last night - that it was not true.

    Q Can I ask another question on a different topic, Mr. President? Mr. President, what exactly is un-American about federal government training programs that are aimed at improving inclusivity or pointing out biases?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, we're going to do a report. Yeah, I fired those people; they're all gone. And it was a disgrace, frankly. And we're going to give you a big report that's going to make you very happy.


    All right, yeah, please.

    Q Thank you. Darlene Superville, AP. You said a moment ago, "They'll say anything." You were talking about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their comments about the vaccine. You have asserted -

    THE PRESIDENT: No, they say worse; they say negative. They say negative. They're going to make the vaccine into a negative so that when we have it - and I spoke to the head of Pfizer, I spoke to the head of Johnson & Johnson, I spoke to the head of the greatest medical companies in the world. We're doing great. We're going to have it soon.

    Q Right -

    THE PRESIDENT: Wait a minute. So now what they're saying is, "Oh, wow, this is bad news. President Trump is getting this vaccine in record time." By the way, if this were the Obama administration, you wouldn't have that vaccine for three years, and you probably wouldn't have it all.

    So we're going to have a vaccine very soon, maybe even before a very special date. You know what date I'm talking about.

    Q Yes.

    THE PRESIDENT: But let me just tell you - wait. And what they're doing, because they think it is going fast. And if you talk to a lot of your sources - if you have sources - if you talk to your sources in the FDA, you'll see it's going very, very well. The numbers are looking unbelievably strong, unbelievably good.

    So now they're saying, "Wow, Trump has pulled this off. Okay, let's disparage the vaccine." That's so bad for this country. That's so bad for the world to even say that. And that's what they're saying.

    But I watched Kamala's poll numbers drop from 15 to almost zero, and then drop out even before she ran in Iowa because people didn't like her, and I understand why. She will never be President - although I have to be careful, because Obama used to say that about me. So I have to be a little bit careful.

    Q Right, but -

    THE PRESIDENT: But you have to look at her a little bit more closely, because obviously Joe is not doing too well. So you're going to have to look at her a little bit too closely.

    But she's talking about disparaging a vaccine so that people don't think the achievement was a great achievement. I don't want the achievement for myself, I want something that's going to make people better, that people aren't going to get sick with. That includes therapeutics, where we're doing equally as well. Therapeutics.

    Q May I finish? May I finish the question?

    THE PRESIDENT: Go ahead.

    Q Your point is that: What they're saying is that they're saying it for a political purposes.


    Q You have asserted repeatedly that a vaccine will be on the market by - before the election, by the end of October.

    THE PRESIDENT: No, I didn't say - I didn't say "they will." I said, "By the end of the year."

    Q Aren't you doing the same thing that you -


    THE PRESIDENT: No, but you're not quoting me accurately.

    Q - say they're guilty of?

    THE PRESIDENT: I said that vaccines will be on the market before the end of year, but they may even be on the market - they may even be developed and fully developed, tested, and everything else.

    You know, we have 30,000 people, in just one vaccine right now, under test in very, very highly infected areas. So we're going to be able to get a good result, one way or the other, very soon.


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