"Every Picture Tells a Story ... Don't it:" The Southern North Carolina Coast: Part I | Beaufort County Now | As it grows colder, and as we step gingerly into winter, I recall one of the hottest days of the summer, when I explored the counties of Pender, New Hanover, and Brunswick.

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    Here at the intersection of Front Street and Market Street, one enjoys the sense of the leisure within life thats endemic to our society, and across the Cape Fear and Glimpse of the great battleship, the USS North Carolina, that affords us all the possibility of that perspective: Above and below.

    The old and the renovated inhabits the environs of Wilmington shoulder to shoulder. Above is the Cotton Exchange, a bustling concern since long before the Civil War, ending in 1865, until recent times, as it is renovated into many quaint shops. Below one can witness this non-renovated, but ongoing sawmill as shown from this bridge continuing Castle Hayne Road as it fords this small creek.

    A continued look at the old sawmill on the Castle Hayne Road, which reminds me of so many places in eastern North Carolina when I was a child: Above. From the bridge fording the Cape Fear that carries US Hwy 74, we look northwest at an assemblage of sailboats docked for future service: Below.

    Due south about 10 miles from downtown Wilmington is River Road Park. It boasts a long pier that cuts into the lower Cape Fear River and also has a boat ramp and a sandy beach. The pier is a wonderful place to fish or cast a net for shrimp or blue crabs: Above and below.

    One finds their place upon this sandy beach, and contemplates the history, past and present, of this very important river - the Cape Fear: Above.

    The second installment of more New Hanover County and Brunswick County will be forthcoming in "Every Picture Tells a Story ... Don't It:" The Southern North Carolina Coast: Part II. I hope you enjoyed these, and just wait a short bit for the second batch. It will not be long.

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