TMc: Carrying a Concealed Pistol | Beaufort County Now | he Gun Range is boring and real world civilian situations involve shooting folks 15 feet in front. So I watch a lot of the First Person Defender YouTube videos. | Gun Range, Concealed Automatic Pistol, First Person Defender, Taurus .380, violent situations

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TMc: Carrying a Concealed Pistol

    The Gun Range is boring and real world civilian situations involve shooting folks 15 feet in front. So I watch a lot of the First Person Defender YouTube videos.

    My greatest fear is a Swedish Stewardess attack while late night grocery shopping so I carry a small Taurus .380 in my pants pocket. I must fear for my life so she will need a knife or gun or choke me, before I can legally shoot her. Otherwise, I must be a good witness and provide police a description. One of the Defender videos is about parking lot attacks.

    I do not feel comfortable with the crazy things that happen during gun fights. I am YouTube trained on basic hand gun safety and a retired policeman works with a group of us senior citizens at the gun range. It bothers me that the villains seem stronger and more observant than the victims. They take guns away from the good guys and watch for holsters. Usually, they draw first and they work in groups.

    Conclusion: Disillusionment is the first step to enlightenment. I know my limitations to handle violent situations. I think I can guard my home. Outside situations are a real guessing game but I am planning to carry. Link to the Videos


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