The Local Gallery and its Show: Part I | Beaufort County Now | In Washington, North Carolina, the Lone Leaf Gallery does another show: This show featured visiting textile artist Kim Eichler - Messmer.

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The Local Gallery and its Show: Part I

Lone Leaf Gallery Unveils the Showing of a New Artisan and Bids Goodbye to the Last

    In Washington, North Carolina, on the southwest corner of Market and West Main Streets, is the recently opened Lone Leaf Gallery, featuring an eclectic collection of work by local, regional and national artists and artisans. The gallery, studio and shop, within this small, quaint and most efficient space, is owned by local residents Neil and Meredith Loughlin. Both owners are artisans / artists themselves, having both graduated some years past from East Carolina University School of the Arts, and have both forgone graduate school to continue to create their expression through various works, and to serve the community by creating a space to display, and sell, theirs and others work. On September 25, 2009, they offered that space to another artisan, and it is my humble impression that it was a resounding success.

    Meredith Loughlin and their second show: Kim Eichler - Messmer.

    The featured artist for this period, usually a two month period, is the textile graphic designs of Kim Eichler - Messmer of Kansas City, Missouri. Ms. Eichler designs and creates these unique works, each revealing a different concept by telling its story through the design of fabric. Ms. Eichler’s designs, with her soft muted colors; that she hand died for remarkable effect, tell a subtle tale of the quiet, reflective moments that enrich those memorable stretches of time within a purposeful life. Her wall mounts are very reasonably priced, but suggest the rich, subtle insight of a seasoned artist, and worth one’s visit or purchase - if one is so moved to collect another human’s perspective of a wonderful moment in time. Due to the constraints of space and time, Ms. Eichler was unable to attend the gala affair.

    The last two month’s artist on display, regional photographer Todd Cook, was however, on hand for the gala, and spent some time with the local patrons of the artists to discuss his monochromatic photography of eastern North Carolina. Todd’s wide canvases, displaying the wide view open view of a flat, but feature rich land, which many of us have long called home. Todd’s ultra limited edition prints have had a successful run at the gallery, enjoying many sales, and will continue hanging some of his work in the Loughlin’s gallery into the foreseeable future.

    Patrons take a closer look at the monochromatic photography of Todd Cook.

    With Christmas “just around the corner,” Neil and Meredith stressed to me that they welcome the public during normal business hours, and will welcome them at their third show, which will be announced on their free business page, that I am told by the publisher of Beaufort County Now, will be offered to all local businesses within the next 30 days.

   This rest of the events of this evening will be told in pictures below, but please be advised of this immutable fact: A fine time was had by all in attendance.

    Proprietor Neil Loughlin sells one of Todd Cook's prints and then takes an order to frame it as a gift for the Robersons to give to a young newly married couple.

    The perusal of the walls. The Loughlin's invite you to take a look.
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