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TMc: Accuracy 02

    Your gun range buddies will not care about your stance or caliber of gun... but will see the target results. My results are terrible but improving with YouTube study.

    The above chart for right handed shooters explains my problem resulting in low left corner hits. The range safety supervisor observes that I tighten fingers and jerk the trigger. I book marked all the YouTube videos about these problems and hope to improve.

    I can compensate by aiming high right but that is not recommended.

    Conclusion: Retired seniors might enjoy lunch and shoot meeting with friends. Choosing weapons then ammunition will a good start. Accuracy will take some patience and practice.

    I am reasonably sure that a gunfight at the mall is unlikely and I no longer hunt wild game but visit the range frequently. Old men with new guns might be a good article title.

    I miss the deer hunting days sitting in a tree for hours...


SSgtsouth said:
( April 17th, 2017 @ 2:37 pm )
One of the major adjustments on accuracy begins with opening you eyes.

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