TMc: Saving Southern Statues 02 | Beaufort County Now | Since most Afro-Americans are bi-racial (like Booker T. Washington) maybe we can exempt statues of these folks. | Southern Statues, Afro-Americans, bi-racial, Booker T. Washington, Civil Rights, CSA statues, Tuskegee University, Morehouse College

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TMc: Saving Southern Statues 02

    Since most Afro-Americans are bi-racial (like Booker T. Washington) maybe we can exempt statues of these folks.

    Black DNA article

    As we begin removing Civil Rights and CSA statues and history, I hope we can find some compromises and keep colleges like Tuskegee University and Morehouse College.

    In all honesty, I am totally confused about the final goal of this political project.

    Conclusion: I hope this series will have an answer to whatever is the question. I imagine a lot of political time and construction money will be spent on this project. What is the goal?

    I see more CSA flags now than ever before...a miniature statue business will be profitable.


( May 23rd, 2017 @ 10:30 am )
Real segregation started in 1877 when Federal troops left. Nation Building failed again.
( May 20th, 2017 @ 3:11 am )
Good one Ted.
Thank God we have Bobby Tony to put some intellectual meat on your minimalist bones of wisdom
( May 19th, 2017 @ 9:25 am )
Thanks for an alternative perspective, which illustrates the remaining divide that still exist in this country. Since both Tuskegee University and Morehouse College are private schools with ample endowments, I think they are safe for the moment. But Morehouse better watch its back as it is one of the few remaining all MEN schools left. It may help that Spelman College, the all WOMEN school, is close by. There may be something to learn from this PRIVATE school vs PUBLICALLY funded colleges and universities.

If we could just agree that there is a place for all in the arena we would all be better off in the long run. Nevertheless, I have some empathy for the changing of names and removal of monuments of former oppressors. As the old saying goes, "What goes around comes around."

I like you comment. Is that the Lizzy Borden Orphan Defense?
( May 19th, 2017 @ 7:30 am )
Slavery lasted 4 years in the Confederate States and 245 years in the United States.

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