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    Press Release:

    Concord, NC -- Former five-term Congressman Robin Hayes, who was also elected four times to lead the North Carolina Republican Party as its Chairman, will conclude his time as Party leader in his home town of Concord on June 8 at the 2019 North Carolina Republican Party State Convention. Citing the NCGOP's stable bench of "the next generation of Republican Party leaders" and complications from recent hip surgery, Hayes has announced he will not seek re-election as Chair in 2019.

    "The North Carolina Republican Party is at its most stable point in recent history, with strong leadership at all levels of our Party," said Chairman Hayes. "With the NCGOP well positioned to win two special Congressional elections this year and deliver this state for President Trump in 2020, this is a good time to pass the torch to our strong bullpen of Republican Party leaders."

    At the urging of activists and many elected officials, Chairman Hayes initially decided to seek re-election to a final term. But recent, although temporary, issues with his mobility have prompted Hayes to alter his plans. Hayes made the decision not to run this past week after consulting with his wife of 51 years, Barbara, and his physical therapist, who encouraged he focus on his recovery, which is expected to be full and complete in the coming months.

    Hayes will continue to play a key role in the NCGOP as a member of the Central Committee, which is charged with managing the daily affairs of the Party, as well as retain his position on the 2020 RNC Convention Host Committee.

    "Robin Hayes has been one of the most successful NCGOP chairs ever, leading Republican victories in North Carolina for the last two presidential elections and playing an instrumental role in bringing the Republican National Convention to Charlotte in 2020," said U.S. Senator Thom Tillis. "The NCGOP has never been stronger thanks to Robin's dedicated leadership over the last decade, and Susan and I are grateful for his outstanding service to the Party."

    "I was honored to be with Chairman Hayes in Austin, Texas, as he made the final push with RNC delegates to secure the 2020 Republican National Convention for North Carolina," said Mecklenburg GOP Vice Chairman Sarah Reidy-Jones. "Watching his passion and dedication for our Party and our state and seeing the respect he had from his colleagues from across the country, I had no doubt that the convention would come to Charlotte."

    Hayes has a distinguished career in public service, serving at every level of government from town council to the General Assembly to Congress, in addition to his service to the NCGOP. Hayes served on the Concord Board of Aldermen from 1978 to 1981. He later served in the North Carolina General Assembly's House of Representatives from 1992 to 1997 and held the position of Majority Whip from 1995 to 1996. Hayes was the North Carolina Republican Party's nominee for Governor in 1996. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives to represent the Eighth Congressional District in 1998 and served through 2009.

    Congressman Richard Hudson currently holds the Eighth Congressional District seat and served as Congressman Hayes' Chief of Staff and mentee. "I congratulate my good friend Robin Hayes on another successful term as NCGOP Chairman," said Hudson. "While I was disappointed to hear of his decision to not seek another term, we owe Robin our gratitude for his many years of public service. I know Robin will remain engaged in a meaningful way. Renee and I wish he and Barbara many happy grandkid-filled days ahead."

    Hayes served as Chair of the Republican Party of North Carolina from 2011 through 2013. Under his leadership during the 2012 elections, Republicans gained a supermajority in the North Carolina House of Representatives, expanded a supermajority in the North Carolina State Senate, gained three congressional seats, and elected Governor Pat McCrory and Lt. Governor Dan Forest.

    "I could always count on Chairman Robin Hayes," said former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. "His dedication to public service, the Republican Party, and his fellow man are unquestioned."

    Chairman Hayes was asked by NCGOP leaders and elected by the NCGOP State Executive Committee to return as Chairman in 2016 to oversee party efforts for the 2016 elections.

    Hayes helped deliver North Carolina's 15 electoral votes to Donald Trump in 2016 and re-elected Senator Richard Burr while Republicans took control of the Council of State for the first time ever, taking six out of the nine Council of State seats. Under Hayes' leadership, the NCGOP captured the Superintendent of Public Instruction and Insurance Commissioner seats for the first time ever and claimed the Treasurer's seat for the first time in over a hundred years.

    Chairman Hayes ran and was elected for the fourth and final time to lead the NCGOP at the 2017 NCGOP State Convention.

    "I served a decade in Congress, two terms in the General Assembly, was the first Republican State House Majority Whip in history, was Republican nominee for Governor, was Chair of Chairs for the RNC, and even served in local government as a Democrat some 50 years ago (I have repented)," stated Hayes. "None of this service would have been possible without the support of you and countless others. Serving you as the Party Chair for some six-plus years was one of, if not my favorite job. I have said many times, serving as your Chairman is my way of thanking you for electing me to all these offices.

    "I am eternally grateful that you have allowed me to serve and thank you from the bottom of my heart. All my best and most sincere wishes for a successful future and I look forward to seeing you in Concord in June."

    What others are saying about Chairman Hayes:

    "Driven by his love of God and country, Robin Hayes has selflessly served our state and nation in various roles, most recently as the NCGOP Chairman. I am grateful for his tireless efforts and will miss his leadership." - NC Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby

    "Chairman Robin Hayes took a keen interest in my 2016 election to the North Carolina Court of Appeals, along with the other three seats we captured that cycle. Robin Hayes deserves substantial credit for managing a massive turnout operation and specific strategic initiatives that helped us all assume our roles on the court." - North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge Phil Berger, Jr.

    "Robin was duck hunting when he answered my call on behalf of members of the NCGOP Central Committee, asking him to consider stepping back in as Chair in 2016. Robin, through his actions, made it clear he would do whatever was necessary for the Republican Party. His willingness to step in during a difficult time also made it clear that we all had to rise to the occasion. Robin Hayes made us all better, as party servants and as people." - John Lewis, NCGOP General Counsel and former Hayes appointee to the NC Board of Elections.

    "Robin Hayes has dedicated his life to making the NCGOP the best in the country. It is because of his leadership that the National Convention is coming to North Carolina in 2020! He will be greatly missed! Best of luck my friend, I know you will not be our Chair, but you will always be there to help us! Thank you and may God bless you and the NCGOP." - Susan Mills, NCGOP Ninth District Vice Chair

    "The staff at NCGOP is forever grateful to Chairman Hayes for his dedication, wisdom, leadership, and patience. There is simply not a better human being to work with on this planet than Chairman Hayes. Over the last four years Robin has become a second father to me. There was rarely a day when we did not speak. Through the highs and lows, he was always there, helping guide us, correct us, but most importantly, love us. And we will forever love him back." - Dallas Woodhouse, NCGOP Executive Director

  • Contact: Emily Weeks

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