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Shock and Awe

    Based on what I have experienced during the past 10 years, the first 70 years of my life were not very exciting. The last ten years brought us the election of the extreme liberal Barak Hussein Obama - not once but twice, the corona virus shut down and house arrest of an entire nation, the seizure of power by governors and mayors, the effective suspension of the Bill or Rights, the attempted coup of President Trump, the riots, the wide-spread looting, the insurrection and anarchy in all cities of any size across the United States, the attack and destruction of many historical statutes, and the advance of socialism and communism in the United States.

    One of the reasons we are seeing these things is that my generation was taught to recognize all of the above, how badly they played out in history and to avoid them like the plague. My generation is in decline. The socialists and communists have all been educated by us (yes us) during the last two generations. Most are radicals who want revolution. In order for any revolution to succeed it must destroy the fabric of present day society and then replace it with their new order.

    A great deal of the blame for these events goes to our education system. That system is literally not teaching anything of value. Social studies and most course work is directed toward blind, liberal, passive indoctrination. The failure to teach reasoning skills, the search for truth, the study of the classical philosophers and the Bible is how we got where we are today. These are now held in very low esteem. We are in need of radical changes in our education system. A return to reading, writing and arithmetic along with history will carry us a long way toward polite civilization. All universities need to be purged to the point only those teachers who are teaching a full load in the class room remain.

    The prevalence of illegal drugs, in particular the use of marijuana, has helped to break down society. Make no mistake the drug trade does not thrive without the payoff of the entire legal system. We, as parents and/or responsible citizens should lash out every time we hear someone say "Marijuana is not that bad for you". There are a lot more "hemp heads" out there than we know about. Some of them are in very important positions.

    The management of the news and so called social media is a big deal. These companies must be broken up using anti-trust laws. Free speech rights under the Constitution must be religiously enforced. Free speech and lying are two different things.

    Don't get sucked into the debate over which statues, shrines and national heroes are worthy. These socialists and communists want to destroy all of them. The liberals, Democrats, socialists, communists and anarchists know very well what they are doing. They are destroying this Nation and the Constitution one small bit at a time. This is all planned and managed by idiots who hate America. Even worse all of these idiots are US citizens for the most part.

    We do not have to flood into the streets using violence to set things right. The only thing I have ever heard Barac Hussein Obama say that I agreed with is: "Elections have consequences". There is an election in November. We can provide some "consequences" if we all vote. Be sure you vote for people who believe in the original Constitution and who have, by their actions, not their words, proved it. Every vote counts.

    We know about the Democrats, but a lot of Republicans have not defended us while these traitorous acts have been going on. Stan Deatherage and I tried to end the illegal Shutdown of Beaufort County. We tried to take on the governor and get our freedom back. In every vote, Frankie Waters, Jerry Langley, Ed Booth, John Rebholz and Jerry Evans voted to support Governor Cooper, the "Dictator".

    John Rebholz and Jerry Langley are on the November ballot. Why would anyone vote for these two people who have supported dictators and failed to support their oath to defend the Constitution which includes the Bill of Rights? The Bill of Rights gives us free speech and the right to bear arms, the two most important rights. We must stand up for them and never accept them being abridged.

    We have a good President who understands all this. We must stand up for him.

    This election will not be Trump vs Biden. It will be whether our Nation will survive as it was founded or be lost to socialism/communism. Choose right.


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