Virginia Reports No Single-Day Coronavirus-Related Deaths for the First Time in Three Months | Beaufort County Now | Monday was the first day in three months that the state of Virginia reported no know coronavirus-related deaths.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire, and written by Ashe Schow.

    Monday was the first day in three months that the state of Virginia reported no know coronavirus-related deaths. It was also the smallest daily increase in the number of cases in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

    The Washington Post reported that the DMV area "reported 659 new known coronavirus cases Monday, bringing the regional total to more than 146,000 since the start of the pandemic." Monday's report, however, is the smallest daily increase in the area since April 3.

    "The region recorded five new fatalities Monday, with no daily deaths reported in Virginia for the first time since March 28. It is also the lowest regional number of deaths since that date," the outlet reported. "Mondays typically have some of the lowest daily numbers following the weekend, with this Monday also coming after a holiday."

    While Virginia had no new reported deaths, it did have the highest reported increase in new cases with 354. Maryland reported 272 new cases and three deaths, while D.C. reported 33 new cases and two deaths.

    "Several key measures of the virus have been improving in the Washington region, experts say, and the daily average caseload has plateaued after weeks of decline. Officials have cautioned that the gradual lifting of restrictions could increase the rate of transmission as more people interact in public places," the Post added. "Officials also cautioned that the region could have an increase in cases after celebrations tied to the Fourth of July holiday. The number of new cases on a seven-day average has generally hovered below 1,000 since mid-June."

    Virginia and Maryland each have been steadily reopening over the past month, though reopening has been slower in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland — the regions nearest Washington, D.C. Even the regions that have been slower to open are allowing residents to get haircuts and eat at restaurants.

    "As of Sunday, the District had measured eight days of declining spread, starting June 12 with about 40 new cases. But the city reset that clock to five days on Monday after identifying another 40 patients or so who developed symptoms about a week later," the Post reported.

    As The Daily Wire's Emily Zanotti previously reported, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) refused to wear a mask or follow his own social distancing guidelines during the Memorial Day weekend holiday.

    "Northam reportedly visited the beach with Mayor Bobby Dye on the second day of the beach's reopening, according to local news outlet 13News Now. Virginia Beach's reopening is considered a test to see if people can safely follow social distancing rules before other beaches in Virginia reopen," Fox News reported at the time. "But Northam, who previously served as an Army doctor, came under fire when images of him surfaced on social media not wearing a face mask and apparently in close contact with other community members."

    Just days before, Northam had encouraged Virginians to wear face coverings.

    "Face coverings are an important part of the next steps. We'll have more on that next week," Northam said, before insisting residents obtain "face coverings for themselves and their families over the weekend."
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