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Presidential Message on the 245th Birthday of the United States Navy

Press Release:

    As Commander in Chief, I send my sincere gratitude to our Nation's sailors on the 245th birthday of the United States Navy. Today, we celebrate the Navy's unmatched position as the world's preeminent naval power, and I encourage all Americans to reflect on the heroism of our patriotic sailors and the countless sacrifices they have made for our country throughout our history.

    In 1775, the Continental Congress formally established the Continental Navy. Since its inception, the Navy has grown from two armed vessels into the most effective seafaring force in the history of the world. From the earliest days of our Nation and throughout the many conflicts we have faced, the United States Navy has valiantly protected our homeland, brought justice to our enemies, and ensured that the passageways of the seas remain open and accessible to American commerce.

    Over the last year, we have added state-of-the-art warships to our fleet, revitalized our personnel and assets to meet current threats, and deployed our Navy's mighty power to help meet today's challenges. In March, I sent two Navy Mercy-class hospital ships, the USNS Mercy and USNS Comfort, to the front lines of our battle with the coronavirus. The Navy's medical teams on board displayed immense bravery in the face of this invisible enemy, and I commend them for their service and dedication. Their resolve and willingness to rapidly adapt to the challenges facing the American people and our homeland are testaments to all of our Nation's sailors, who are forged by the sea and serve with honor, courage, and commitment every day.

    Today, I wish a happy birthday to our Navy and join a grateful Nation in thanking every Sailor-past and present-for their hard work, sacrifice, and patriotism. May God bless you and keep watch over those in peril on the sea, and may God bless the United States of America.

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