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Mission Command: The Reality of Spiritual and Psychological Warfare

      As the days go by, I find myself gathering more inspiration and illumination from the "Apocrypha", a collection consisting of predominantly Old Testament historical scripture censored by a certain sect/governing body of the Church. While I'm an avid reader of the "Books of Enoch" and the "Book of Jubilees", I find myself more spiritually drawn to the "War Scroll", scripture outlining how God's army WILL be constructed and how it will operate during the cataclysmic battle between The Sons of Light and The Sons of Darkness, moreso than the others. It touches aspects of my soul that words cannot describe without great emotion. It's very similar, actually frighteningly similar, to the events we are currently experiencing. It also gives us a timeline of things to come. The signs are there, you just have to know where to look and what to look for.

      The reality of what we are facing, the open declaration of Spiritual and Psychological Warfare by the enemy, can be viewed as a bad thing but I view it as a challenge of the mind as well as the spirit. These people can only hurt you if you let them in. Their media PsyOps only work if you allow them to. A prime example of this can be found in their most recent attempt to distract the American people with a shiny object...the Nashville Bombing. As many fellow patriots and digital soldiers have uncovered with public information, the Nashville Bombing is looking more like the "Nashville Christmas Raid". As our friends at AWK News" have pointed out, MSM hitmen are purposely distracting the sheep from looking at the truth that's right in front of them. Why was gunfire heard on camera coming from under the AT&T building? Why were people warned for 15 mins that a bomb would be detonated in the area? Once again, the information is out there but the average citizen could care less because they've got their Cheetohs and an NFL season pass.

      Another example of current Psychological Warfare is the move made by Mitch McConnell. Some may think that Ol' McConnell is Deep State but I beg to differ here. McConnell is crooked but he's far from stupid. Deception is key in manuevering around the Deep State. You've got to know Sun Tzu and "The Art of War". As I suspected, McConnell was running block for President Trump and proved so by going Peter Cushing on Congress. Van Helsing ain't far behind! Newsmax summed it up perfectly in the following paragraph from one of their recent articles: "McConnell objected to a motion by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to approve by unanimous consent a stimulus-checks bill that passed the House on Monday. He also blocked a motion by Senator Bernie Sanders to vote on the stimulus checks immediately after the Senate votes on overriding Trump’s veto of a key defense policy bill." The genius behind all of this is that Congress, or anyone in both chambers for that matter, will commit political and actual suicide if they so much as indicate the slightest signs of sabotage. They've now been forced down a path of which there is no return and nobody to save them if they fall. The Constitution and natural law will destroy the NWO if we hold the line.

     In closing, I would like to again stress the importance of getting involved in your community in the best way your talent will allow. It is your duty as an American to do so. Differences between the old guard and the new guard will have to be put to the side in order to achieve victory against The Sons of Darkness. The methods of the past may still work to a degree BUT the enemy has adapted to the new age and we must as well. If we do not amend our strategy and push the envelope, you might as well tell Mama to cut the porch light off! So, the reality of Spiritual and Psychological Warfare is that the weak will be separated from the strong and those with the gift of sight already know this. If you don't know, you can't say that we never tried to tell you.






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