Mission Command: Open Letter to Lin Wood | Beaufort County Now | This letter, whether or not it's received, represents how myself and many other patriots feel. Truth must be revealed and these acts of evil must be stopped in ALL levels of government.

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Mission Command: Open Letter to Lin Wood

To the honorable Mr. Lin Wood,

    I'm writing to you because I feel that you are a man who is real and doesn't believe in sugarcoating fact. I'm also writing to you as a father, provider, fighting North Carolinian, patriot and protector. I too urge President Trump to fully expose ALL players involved in these acts of Pedophilia, Luciferian worship and ritual. As we know, this evil is rampant in all forms of government and isn't conspiracy theory as our friends within the "Texas Chainsaw" Media love to say. After all, these are the people that said Epstein killed himself and that THEY still don't know what happened to JonBenet, God rest her soul.

    I, like yourself, would "love to see some people go to jail". I'd also like to see some state governors exposed as the crooked, evil, Luciferian slaves/programmers that they are. Brian Kemp, Roy Cooper and Ralph Northam are JUST A FEW that come to mind. Discernment, like "The Art of War", goes a long way in this topic of conversation.

    In closing, I know my words may not carry a great deal of weight as you don't know me from Adam but I feel as though you are a man of common sense and sight. We are all in this fight together and we all answer to one creator. This is truly The Sons of Light against The Sons of Darkness. With your help as well as that of President Trump, I believe that We The People can help you and the team illuminate the darkness on many levels.

    We must have the patience of Job, the wisdom of Enoch, the water of life and the grace of Almighty God to get us through. From one North Carolinian to another, it's an honor to see our tribes so well represented in an arena of which we are no strangers.

Praying for illumination and hydration,

William "Wolf" Cratch III


( January 5th, 2021 @ 1:46 am )
Yeah. We got to change that.

I just about 5 hours in a room full of politicians and bureaucrats, and felt like I needed a shower, but then I remembered ... it was not Saturday.
( January 5th, 2021 @ 12:49 am )
You are most certainly welcome! Equal Application of the Law only exists if you're one of THEM. Folks like us are considered the "bad guys" for daring to accept such stupidity from "elected" officials.

Oh well, screw it!
( January 4th, 2021 @ 7:19 pm )
Thank-you "Wolf" for your various thoughts on an issue that has become elusive of late - Equal Application of the Law, as well as Equal Application in all attempts to enforce the laws as legislated, and that applies to a wide of folks.

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