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The Impeachment Culture, the Cancel Culture, and the Religiously Woke ...

And what are we going to do about it here on the eve of the US Senate receiving the Articles of this "Snap" Impeachment?

    First, we must learn the why of the nature of this beast causing so many good Americans to suffer the twin effects of non patriotism and abject stupidity of their fellow countrymen. A profound stupidity of others in control of the minds of our children, who few recognized their malicious intent just these few decades past, now is is evolving into an endemic condition of true and monumental disorder.

    So much is made of the Cancel Culture, which is as real as Trump Derangement Syndrome; however, the Impeachment Culture, as an offshoot of this Cancel Culture phenomenon and evil, has NOW won the day in the religiously Woke's (those that use Wokeness as their god) pantheon of idiocy. And, the sad part here is that we are, without question on this current path, powerless to stop the stupidity ... and, without this fulsome stupidity, at the ready, Covid Joe would not be president today.

    But alas, Covid Joe is president, and even as America's first Imposter President personified, he will do great damage to our Constitutional Republic, a Republic that has provided him and his infamous family a tremendous living, however nefarious, while damaging it by small chunks of the trademark Biden dishonesty. Now that this Covid Mongering Joe is president, before he is through, America's first Idiot President will do inestimable damage, and that is just the truth of it.

    Why? Why do we patriots, who have given so much of ourselves to sustain this Constitutional Republic and sustain our remaining freedoms, have so little ability to steer this current coarse away from these dangerous shoals of, and seemingly unavoidable, this intolerant Democratic Socialism, with the Doddering Biden as the banal head of this stupid snake; with all its layers of abject hypocrisy,and Authoritarian control visible for all with a full working brain to recognize.

    In the fullness of what is real, this unholy proposition is simple to see and understand if one has any manner of clarion vision, and, sadly, we have done it to ourselves to not know what we allowed to happen to this Representative Republic.

    How many parents realized that some sectors of their education system was crumbling into an Education Industry, existing under the boot-heal-crush of "Social Justice" opportunism, egregiously bad management and greed? The answer is: Currently, no where near enough good people to stem this terrible tide; however, they may awaken to these times of patriotic angst, and thus be at the ready to heed that natural call of the true patriot, and the wiser parent to better choose what and whom to support.

    First, we, patriots, will have to do our part to snare those children and others, who are salvageable from the mind control evil of Democratic Socialism, abject ignorance reinforced by the Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media; all Orwellian in scope. It will be an education process, but not a re-education process which has gone on in America as Democratic Socialist sleeper agents of educational destruction were, tragically, immensely successful in some sectors of this Good Nation ... and now, with the imposter election of Doddering Joe, these American Socialists have what some like to acknowledge as momentum.

    Break their momentum and you break their evil machine, and do what it takes to do so. All patriots are up to the task as well as many elected Republican, but, sadly, some Republican law makers are not. Just as it is so important to well educate an ignorant public to the reality of what America is and was, it will be equally important to simultaneously root out ineffective, unserious Repulican politicians and replace them with ones of clarion perspective and courage.

    Only then will we, as a true Constitutional Republic, find that pure path to sustain the Republic that has sustained us, as a good People, for nearly 250 years.


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