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TMc: Technology Trap

    The 2020 elections prove we are in the technology trap. Nothings is simple. The political justice system does not work and the legal system is erratic at best. Let's skip social media for now.

    Stating the obvious... keep it simple.

    Conclusion: We cannot go back to products like paper bags, land-line phones and honor system testing.

    A politician said, "Disillusionment is the first step to enlightenment."

    Having voted in 15 presidential systems, I was already discouraged, now I am disillusioned.

    I await enlightenment.
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( February 17th, 2021 @ 5:27 am )
Testimony/Ga Election Fraud:
( February 15th, 2021 @ 1:53 pm )
Thanks Ted for the post on the Georgia general assembly beginning of the re-assertion of themselves as Georgia's arbiter of all elections with your state.
( February 15th, 2021 @ 7:45 am )
Ga Senator Warnock / voter fraud:

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