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Mission Command: Y'all Awake Yet?

    Are y'all awake yet? Do you feel like you're in an issue of Bizarro Superman? If you answered yes, you're thinking clearly! People are beginning to wake up to fact that things aren't what they appear to be. They are beginning to look at things differently. Instead of looking in 3D, they're looking in 5D.

    One very interesting piece of this puzzle is President Trump's EO 13885. If you're looking for anotherwild ride, Patriot Streetfighter spoke about this in his 2/23/21 broadcast. Another interesting discussion came up tonight as well. The topic of "The List" came up. "The List", for those who may not know, is a list of officials and high profile individuals who have been arrested, executed or are awaiting a tribunal.

    According to this list, many celebrities and officials are dead or in prison. There's something about this that gives me deja vu.

    Haven't we discussed this before in some capacity?


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