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TMc: Vitamin/Mineral Supplements

    Kindle reference: The Vitamin Lie by Brian Rigby

    Laptop research: The discovery of the vitamins was a major scientific achievement in our understanding of health and disease. In 1912, Casimir Funk originally coined the term "vitamine". Clinicians soon recognized scurvy, beriberi, rickets, pellagra, and xerophthalmia as specific vitamin deficiencies, rather than diseases due to infections or toxins.

    The immediate goal is to avoid senility and dementia. My quest started in High School sports trying to gain energy; later trying to control weight gain and avoid prescription medications.

    I was surprised to read the absorption rate is less than 30 percent and some Big Pharmas produce over-the-counter supplements. I noticed no great affects with my experiments. I sold vitamins part-time but quit after attending a conference where the speakers mentioned miracle cures. I plan to continue the Senior Multivitamin / Mineral supplement until rapture but will avoid mega doses.

    One confusion is the %DV on the bottle... Daily value may not mean (RDA) recommended daily allowance or (AI) adequate intake. Also, the bottle advises "not FDA approved and the advertised statements are not verified". They must do some good if the salt and bread folks fortify products.

    Conclusion: I will buy a bottle of most any supplement for a 30 day trial. Who know if it works?


( April 12th, 2021 @ 8:08 am )
One of the biggest tragedies of our current problems is the failure by public health officials to encourage people to take vitamin D. Numerous studies have shown that most Americans are deficit, and would benefit greatly from this inexpensive therapy. That twit Fauci says he takes over 5,000 units daily, but not once has he strongly recommended others follow that example. Instead he pushes danger masks and other unscientific protocols. Anyone who gives him serious attention should wake up and do their own research.

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