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Mission Command: Attention All K-Mart Shoppers.....The Monsters are Among Us

    Just the other night, myself and "Unca" Bill Lyerly, a close musical mentor and fellow Sonic Shapeshifter, were having a conversation on the lack of common sense in both the music industry and political arena. Just for the record, let me state that we sometimes disagree on political viewpoints BUT at the end of the day we arrive at the same destination, so to say. Contrary to popular belief, you CAN have friends of differing opinion and still be a productive member of society.....or at least what's left of it.

    When I first joined the Bill Lyerly Band, Unca Bill turned me onto Lester "Roadhog" Moran and The Cadillac Cowboys. Little did I know at the time, the entire storyline was created by The Statler Brothers and almost became bigger than the group itself largely due to the influence of Rolling Stone. The hilarity of it all is that while it was covered by Rolling Stone, it could be argued that Harold Reid and the Statlers were early proponents/pioneers of what is now referred to as "Conservative Counterculture" which is something I think we need to see more of.

    One thing that Unca Bill and I both agree on is the fact that a large portion of people from both sides of the aisle have absolutely no idea about what's really going on. There are some people that are purposely blind. There are others who are now seeing what's going on and are absolutely terrified at the fact that everything they perceived to be right is wrong. It's as if they are now seeing through the Looking Glass. They now see the evil that has remained hidden in plain sight.

    I've said it countless times on both BCN and Beaufort Observer that if the GOP wants to exist and be successful, they're going to have to stop handing out participation trophies and start informing people on what the hell is really going on. Instead of educating people on the QFS (Quantum Financial System), GCR (Global Currency Reset) and RV (Reevaluation), we're too busy arguing over defunding the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office or laying down 7 million dollars worth of now antiquated fiber-optic cable so the "children in rural areas" can have access to broadband internet .....two of the most idiotic and obvious distractions! All politics are local as is stupidity.

    Ask questions and question everything. You're not a "conspiracy theorist" for doing so. These people, those who believe they are the Autocratic Annunaki, don't like to be overtaken by someone who will not let them into their head. Watch Governor Jesse Ventura completely down the Texas Chainsaw Media by exposing just how stupid they really are in the video posted. Listen to WHAT he is saying and HOW he is saying it. Watch the Governor's body language. Notice how Snakeanopoulos is immediately intimidated by Jesse's appearance. Do you also notice how Jesse appears natural while Stephanopoulos appears synthetic? Notice how the Governor shuts down Lizardman with fact and then.....holy "I'm trying not to shapeshift and look like some s*** off of a John Carpenter movie", Batman.....they all of a sudden have to "switch gears".

    If you're not awake, you better wake up soon! It's up to you to think for yourself. Nobody should have to tell you how to think. Some may think we're crazy but you can't say we didn't tell you that monsters are all around us. The monsters are people we know and see everyday.

    In closing, I'd like to quote the late Ronnie James Dio: "Don't talk to strangers, they're only there to do you harm."

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