Joe the Fool Lies his Marxist Way into the Hearts of a Democratic Socialist Congress ... What Little There Was of It | Beaufort County Now | If you want, if you need to witness what is pathetic, what is stupid: You must turn on your favorite "News" outlet, be it Fake or real, and watch Joe the Fool pretend to be a real president.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
    When Covid Joe goes into Whisper Fart Inflection mode, you have to know that a truly stupid, train wreck of a man is shuffling hard to fool US into believing what is patently false is true.

At the Joint Session of Congress, held Wednesday night - April 28, 2021 - where only about 10% attended, Virtue Signal Joe proved two things: 1) the Imposter President knows how to waste tax payer money since he can't do math; 2) Joe to Fool will stammer unintelligibly for about an hour, and say nothing that real American patriots consider noteworthy.

    If you want, if you need to witness what is pathetic, what is stupid: You must turn on your favorite "News" outlet, be it Fake or real, and watch Joe the Fool pretend to be a real president, which no one with a full working brain and is a truly honest member of human kind, actually believes is a real president.

'I can't believe I watched the whole thing': Above.

    The House of Representatives is "Social Distancing" to the point that only about 10% of the fully vaccinated members of congress are witnessing the Socialist Fool talk stupid; nothing but lies about a new American society, where the people in charge cannot and will not do math (probably because they are not capable), where everyone can have plenty of money, but must be proud to have an old man with an effective IQ that is no higher than double digits as their bumbling Fool /Tool - America's First Idiot President.

    What a "Ship of Fools". What idiots by proxy so many intellectually pliant Americans there must be now to believe these structural lies told by a shuffling, muttering, virtue signaling Fool.

    And since we are mentioning the optics of this event: The two women standing behind Joe the Fool are two women with no moral fiber, no real intellectual worth, and of no positive purpose NOW, in the past, or in the future.

    Wake up patriots! The time is nigh.
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( April 29th, 2021 @ 4:42 pm )
It is a hurdle to the continuation of the Republic having Marxists of low intellect calling the shot, but, as an eternal optimist, there will be a swing back a place where truth reigns and those in charge can do simple math.
( April 29th, 2021 @ 9:07 am )
That this is where we are is mind numbing.
( April 29th, 2021 @ 6:52 am )
My apologies to all regarding this rather unsophisticated rant; it is just that I have an uncontrollable aversion to stupid old men, who think they can govern a free people by simply becoming a non patriotic cabal's very Simple meat puppet.

Here is why we have a crisis at our Southern Border...Biden/Harris created America's First Idiot President, Local News & Expression, Stan's Well Considered Rant, Editorials, Op-Ed & Politics Everyone deserves a Second Chance


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