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      It was a very hot Saturday afternoon. Spirits were high as we were awaiting President Trump's arrival. Allegedly, il Presidento was brought in through the back door, so to say, via a route that would make me question the mental capacity of those in charge of "security". Personally, I think that il Presidento was already there and had words with NC GOP officials ... that's just my opinion. I also think the he, President Trump, had been at the event for quite some time unbeknownst to the public.

      Media wasn't allowed inside as was told through communication BUT Right Side Broadcasting, Newsmax and OANN were allowed inside (red flag 1). OANN spoke with several outside including myself. One thing I will say is that OANN gladly interviewed patriots who know "platforms" but cautiously interviewed patriots with deeper knowledge on topics ignored by many within the current GOP.

      I also have to point out (red flag 2) that while some speak of the "enthusiasm" at this event, it was, in my honest opinion, extremely divided. The "enthusiasm" exhibited for Michael Whatley and other Neo-Cons was certainly not backed up by standing ovation ... from what I heard and saw live on Right Side Broadcasting. While President Trump delivered a couple of trademark "elbows off the top rope", he appeared to be upset with something or someone. One can quickly come to this assumption by analyzing his body language alone. I also don't understand the endorsements that were made but ... that's another story.

      (Red flag 3) After the enthusiastic event, we starting hearing from people on the inside as well as from other observant contacts ... and the response wasn't that of glory or tales of future conquest. As I have said many times before, a majority of conservatives that I converse with, DO NOT support the GOP and WILL NOT do so until the party acknowledges the fact there is an elephant ... or possibly a dinosaur (wink wink) ... standing in the middle of the room. Regardless of the illusion created by Saturday's festivities, there is an obvious divide that needs to be bridged. If this divide is not bridged, the GOP will inevitably self destruct and there will be nobody to blame but the party and their loyalists.

      We can no longer share power or co-exist with those who seek to ultimately undermine our Constitutional Republic through failing to acknowledge what's right in front of them. If the GOP has been selected for extinction, it's nature's will. We must prepare for the next chapter. No matter how hard you try, you will not stop what is already in motion. In closing, I'm reminded of Dr. Ian Malcolm's speech in "Jurassic Park". Everyone thought he was a "crazy rock star" for his controversial "theories" BUT ... he was right all along!


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( June 7th, 2021 @ 2:53 pm )
One other thing.....

I think it's funny how OANN.....prides themselves in delivering .....truth but actively censors anyone that deviates from THEIR pre-programmed algorithm.

Ask Ms. Caitlin Sinclair..maybe SHE has the answers, we'll see!

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