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       Looking back on my short life that seems like many lives in some ways, I never thought that I would be doing what I'm doing now. I never thought that the long-haired kid with a Led Zeppelin t-shirt underneath his BCS mandated uniform polo sitting in Mr. Hodges' US History class would ever get into the world of politics. Things happen for a reason. Mr. Hodges, who I later found out was a distant cousin of mine, encouraged healthy debate. He welcomed questions that pushed the envelope in a constructive way. This led, no pun intended, to many in-class debates on perception of reality.

       So.....if anybody has an issue on where I'm going with this thing here, blame Mr. Hodges. He helped create this monster lol.

       In ventures abroad, I've seen recurring patterns that I'm sure you've seen as well. The entire political party illusion is crumbling and deteriorating at an even faster rate on local levels. The left side of the column's pushing soft elements of National Socialism and mobilizing while the right side of the column's holding onto dreams that don't exist under current conditions. On top of that, many within the current matrix that we call the Republican Establishment are part of the problem and want stupidity among their supporters as it's the ultimate cover for them to work with the Uniparty, Autocracy, Deep State, Cabal or whatever you want to call them. On the other hand, if there's a Joker then there most certainly has to be a Batman.

       We're all guilty of getting upset and saying: .....the hell with it! When tempers ease and we see more clearly, we grab the sword and get back to it, so to say. We never give up when we know we're right! Why do so many cower when the enemy advances? Do they not know that the enemy will always tell on themselves if watched carefully? If they think you're weak or stupid, they always get cocky and start to taunt, don't they?

       This morning, I found out that General Robert E. Lee's monument had been removed by the city of Charlottesville. The video posted on Disclose.TV's Telegram page showed a handful of monument supporters cheering as the crane lifted the General and Traveller from their base.....notice I said handful. The comments began to come in and.....it's obvious that people are truly observing things and becoming aware of certain patterns.

       Timing is everything and nothing is a coincidence. It's now blatantly obvious that THEY, whomever or whatever these entities may be, are trying to erase an entire timeline and make it as if it never happened. That alone is very dangerous and should be extremely revealing as to what the coming attractions may be. While these entities are very intelligent in some ways, in others they are very elementary. They've told you what their plans are and they've even told the desired outcome.....a total RESET of history.....on their terms.

Think REset.....REconstruction

       These invisible entities believe that, because they can remove history, they can alter time and the perception there of. While this is a bold attempt on their behalf, it's also a very futile attempt. Natural Law has a system of checks and balances that aren't forgiving or merciful. Nature.....God always wins.

       I believe that we are not only at a precipice as a Republic, we are on a precipice as humanity. The enemy has shown us what their plans are the entire time. We have the power to change the variables and alter the outcome regardless of what some may say. This would truly be the nightmare of the Cabal and the possible beginning of their incestuous end💊. Now is the time to analyze the playing field and know your opponent. How much will it take for you to make a stand and defend your family?

The choice is yours. Which 💊 will you take?

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