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       It has been awhile since I've last sat down at Castle von Krätch and written about OUR lastest campaigns against the enemy. The current battle that we have been in the midst of has been in our sister county of Pitt. Patriots from all over ENC have formed an alliance, a modern-day Quantum Committee of Safety, and have created one of the most establishment-hated forces in the area. As I've previously stated: .....the national tolerance of bullshit is at an all-time low. Sun Tzu disguised The Art of War very cleverly. It's easy to understand but not everybody understands it.....which leads me to my next point.

       I don't believe in coincidences but ever since WE, those who truly believe in the power of light and humanity, decided to wage war against THEM, the TRUE forces of darkness; people have mysteriously began to wake up and realize that everything we've ever been told is a lie to keep us IN THE DARK.....and I'm not talking about Billy Squier's way even though it was a killer groove! People are beginning to see things in a different light and the enemy is panicking. The ancestors are at work and I think the Blanco Sombreros of long ago are making certain things happen as we seem to forget that history is written by the victor. Some of these events have been forgotten by historians or dismissed as Q'Non (inside joke) conspiracy theory.

       In conversation with a close sister of mine, we were discussing how many key elements of human history have been ignored for obvious reasons.....it would alter the course of history as we know it. One story that I feel a great closeness to is the story of how Alexander The Great (The Two-Horned One 🤘) and the Djinn allegedly worked together to build a wall that would keep THEM, those of Gog and Magog, away from civilization. To some, this may make zero sense. To others, this is a confirmation of what we already know. If the enemy is a threat to us ALL, we WILL come together as a collective force to eradicate them. This, I believe, an instance of history that we all should seriously take note of. Moving forward, it will be crucial to understand all aspects of the enemy's psyche: Political, Spiritual and Psychological. This particular story also plays into a larger story involving ATG and conquering the alleged lands of the Anunnaki but.....that is for another time.

       One of the forbidden topics of discussion amongst many in the public realms of the mainstream left or right are topics involving esoteric and occult knowledge. This can simply be explained by acknowledging the fact that both parties within the illusionary two-party system survive due to the fact that the general public DOES NOT discuss the occult and esoteric histories passed down through THEIR own bloodlines. If people discussed these matters as they used to do through oral tradition, there would be nowhere for THEM to hide. The fact of the matter is that good people are coming together and acknowledging who THEY are. Patriots know no color or orientation as TRUE history has shown this time and time again. In today's society, heroes of light are portrayed as racist, hateful people who raped and pillaged the land of those they deemed as heathens. The true villains are portrayed as heroes of the minorities, social justice warriors and bringers of tolerance. It's hilarious that THEY, those who preach about the allegedly oppressed are the ones trying to oppress US, US being HUMANITY.

       I can tell you that there are things going on that are absolutely destroying the Cabal as we speak. The uninformed always have a way of proving the point of the good guys, the Quantum Blanco Sombreros, who have a way of reappearing when humanity needs a swift kick in the ass. I can tell you that the Quantum Patriots of today are easily spotted and acknowledged by those THEY wouldn't expect. Good people have the ability to identify good people as well as identify those who think they hide in plain sight. We all may come from different tribes BUT people of true knowledge and understanding see through the smoke and mirrors. The ancestors are at work and they are signaling that history is going to repeat itself. This time, they will not fail and WE will not fail. WE CANNOT fail as the results would be cataclysmic on many different levels. We cannot ignore our destiny as a humanity. We must show them that they rule us no more. They are not Gods, they are a science experiment created by THEM.

       In closing, I will leave you with a video of our most recent engagement. I think that this video will leave you with great question and concern about what the hell is REALLY going on. Note that not one Texas Chainsaw media outlet chose to legitimately cover this potentially massive event that took place at 1717 W. 5th Street, Greenville, NC. Again.....Uncle Sun was a genius!

       In the end.....the joke's on THEM!

       Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming💊.....

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