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       As I watch current events unfold, it becomes more evident that John Q. Public has no clue about what's truly going on. Some are in denial and refuse to admit the obvious but others are completely oblivious. They, those who are optimistic but haven't a clue, are focusing on 2022 and 2024 like we're going to take over the world. Given the current conditions, unless something regarded by some as conspiracy theory happens, we are headed down a very dark road.....or are we?

       I'm sure many of you are familiar with The Big Lie or have at least heard it mentioned. While some think it pertains only to the election, it's meaning is actually much deeper and covers a huge spectrum that can sometimes be overwhelming. The Big Lie also refers to the fact that human history as we know it is a lie and has been manipulated by THEM for longer than most can imagine. There have been complete timelines removed and erased by these people. THEY, the people allegedly in control now, are they same people who called the shots then. Who are THEY?

       We refer to THEM as the cabal, the deep state, the autocracy and many other titles. In reality, the people who make up these organizations may not be what you think. According to the late Mr. William "Bill" Tompkins, former Naval Intelligence and Aerospace genius, the people would absolutely break down if they only knew the reality that exists before their very eyes. Everything we know is a lie and the ending isn't for everyone. The ending will reveal that alot of what has been regarded as conspiracy theory is actually true. It would reveal that both the establishment left and right answer to the same master. It would reveal that organized religion was designed to divide and conquer through control mechanisms unconsciously over time. It would require people to get angry, ask serious questions and get up off their asses! We are not the tip of the sword in this universe. If you follow the ancient Sumerian tablets, the Anunnaki created us, humanity, as a slave race to work for them on earth. The Anunnaki, ancient people perceived as Gods, were created by the Draco. The Draco have allegedly been engaged in combat for thousands of years and are allegedly causing subterranean havoc here on earth at the present time. Again, as described in vivid detail by the late Mr. Bill Tompkins, the truth about all of this is horrifying but not surprising. We The People have subconsciously allowed these entities to rule over us for centuries. That, my friends, stops NOW! All we have to do is awaken the public to the fact that they've been lied to....even by those they trusted. The Bible and many other ancient texts confirms these theories. The fallen angels and their creations with daughters of man ARE the Anunnaki which were created by the Draco. We aren't the only creation of God. It is actually very ignorant to think we are alone based off of what we know.

       Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public are in for a rude awakening if they don't get pissed off, be the variable and change the outcome. Noone has ever told you that you have to take this! Noone in their right mind WOULD take this. The ending will make many who are just waking up very uncomfortable. It will scare you and possibly awaken your inner warrior to ensure that this bullshit never happens again. It's time to get real and start holding these people accountable for the unspeakable atrocities they've knowingly committed. Everything starts on the local level. A little bit of light goes a long way.

       Myself and several others like me are committed to bringing the truth to you.....even if it does sound insane at times. As my Great-uncle always told me: When you're dealing with the military and the government, the more crazy something sounds the more likely it is to be true. Always remember, that doctor who gets in front of a camera and says he supports America First and Election Reform.....may very well be one of THEM. Use discernment, you'll need it in the very near future.

       Things are going to get crazy. Keep your eyes peeled and your space blasters set to "kill", Quantum Patriotos! We're in this together!

       Disclaimer.....what Mr. Bill talks about is in fact quite shocking but it's the truth and it needs to be known. In the video below, watch Mr. Bill's body language and inflection.....he isn't lying. Start watching at 9:06💊. As Patriots of the Quantum era, we must understand the good, the bad and the ugly.

       Also, listen to Uncle D's West Point speech. Listen to what he says about ancient wars in far off lands that nobody has ever heard of. For those out there who feel the need to disprove this or dismiss this as "QNon" crazy talk, disprove me.......💊

Stay tuned.....

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