Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond to be cancelled starting tomorrow | Beaufort County Now | after VS Supreme Court rules for far left governor's executive order

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The latest victim of the extreme left's totalitarian "cancel culture" is Richmond's famous stature of General Robert E. Lee on Monument Avenue.  Removal will start tomorrow for the French made statue that is regarded as both artistically and historically significant.  Virginia's far left governor Ralph Northern issued an executive order to remove the monument after Northern became embroiled in a personal political scandal over his placing a photo of himself in blackface in his college year book. The executive order on the monument  was an attempt to change the subject from that scandal.  The descendants of the family which donated the land for the monument on Virginia's pledge to always honor and protect it sued Northern over his executive order and won at the trial court level, but the Supreme Court backed the governor.  Northern announced that the statue would be cut into pieces and taken to an undisclosed location.

The War on History being waged in America by the far left is just a twist on Chairman Mao's infamous and deadly "Cultural Revolution".

One of General Lee's corps commander, General A.P. Hill recently had the grave monument above his tomb in Richmond removed by the Northern regime, leaving the graves of Hill and his wife in the ground where it stood unmarked, like the city of Memphis had done earlier to the tomb of General Nathan Bedford Forrest.  Grave desecration in most states, including Virginia and Tennessee is criminal, a felony.  Why are the public officials and anyone else involved in desecration of these tombs not indicted and jailed?

Another monument in Richmond in grave danger is the statue of George Washington on horseback, especially when the far left figures out that this very statue is prominently featured on the Great Seal of the Confederate States of America.

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( September 9th, 2021 @ 8:10 am )
It is frightening what a totally corrupt and politicized media and racist / Marxist organizations like BLM and ANTIFA can con people into believing. General Robert E. Lee's picture was one of the portraits of "four great Americans" that President Dwight D. Eisenhower displayed on the wall of the Oval Office during his terms as president. As to his position on slavery, Lee wrote in 1859 that "slavery is an institution of moral and political evil." Lee voluntarily freed hundreds of slaves he inherited from his father in law.

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