Mission Command: Unca Lin, Quantum Patriotos and The Wall of the Djinn | Beaufort County Now | Come with us on this emergency flight to engage the enemy as we discuss urgent truths within the ether that shouldn't be unknown.

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       Note from WolfmanUpon the submission of this article early this morning, around 6:39 am, I was unaware that Ms. Veronica Wolski had passed away at 12:44 AM. We found out at 7:02 AM (9/13/21) via "Reply To Lin Wood", one of the two official Telegram accounts of Mr. Lin Wood. I just wanted to confirm that Ms. Wolski has in fact been murdered by AMITA Resurrection Health Center. 



       As we entered 9/11, I had already somewhat prepared myself here at Kastle von Krätch for a weekend that would one hell of a ride.....good or bad. Even though some may think I'm completely insane by today's believed standards, I had the intuition that we'd see interesting optics from perceived leaders as well as hear 💊's Red Pill- truths ignored or not known/accepted by the general public.) from certain actual leaders of whom some us refer to as the "Blanco Sombreros" within the current generation, the Quantum generation, of patriots.....or "patriotos" according to il Donaldo (Unca D).

       Besides il Donaldo Trumpo (Unca D), there is one other man of whom I believe to be true for more than one reason. That man is none other than Eastern NC native, Mr. Lin Wood aka "Unca Lin" to those who know. If you know.....you know. Due to my belief and understanding of what Unca Lin says and has said, I follow, as many other Patriotos do, his actual public account on Telegram. After watching a video segment from Ms. Kandiss Taylor's recent event sent to me by a dear Alabama sister, I came across the shocking update in reference to Ms. Veronica Wolski's situation at a Chicago hospital, AMITA Health Resurrection Center. From what I understand, Ms. Wolski is being detained at the hospital against the wishes of her POA, denied her preferred method of treatment and is being murdered/sacrificed for her distrust in the pharmaceutical/medical commu.....cabal that's.....you guessed it💊..... run by...THEM! So, I called the hospital and stated my name and purpose for calling. As soon as I stated that I was calling to see if Miss Veronica Wolski was still being denied proper medical attention, I immediately heard that famous Soft Jazz "hold music"  that we all know so well. If you've ever gone to Pizza Inn or paid a bill over the phone, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

       The reality of what many believe to be "QAnon" conspiracy theory IS in fact revealing the ACTUAL conspiracies against humanity that have been going on for alot longer than most could comprehend. It's hard for many to accept that we've been fighting the same enemy, the enemy who believes they're "Gods" ordained to rule over humanity, the "test subjects". The Bible, including the Apocrypha as it IS holy scripture, tells us this.....the same exact stories told in the ancient Sumerian and Akkadian tablets! Other ancient religious texts, that have all been hijacked by those with other but very similar agendas, all state the same story but in a different context as well. It is believed by many that people such as Alexander The Great and even Genghis Khan knew about "those from earth who came from the heavens" and what those tablets as well as the conquests of those they were written actually told us about the future of humanity if they are allowed to govern as they are 

       How does this relate to Unca Lin, Miss Veronica and the Quantum Patriotos? Well, hold on and I'll tell you. If we don't stand together as Americans, fearers of the Almighty and as a spiritual family of beings created in the image God; we're in for a bad way! If these evil self-proclaimed "Gods/tyrants" continue to unleash hell on earth through fear; there ain't gonna be no earth to come back to! We've got to come together, put our differences to the side as Alexander and the Djinn did in order to scare the living hell out of the enemy. We've got to, in a sense, rebuild the Wall of Gorgan and establish posts all along it's length. We cannot allow these war criminals to continue their crimes against humanity by murdering people through denying them known/effective medications and pushing "vaccines" of which many people, included alleged medical professionals, don't even know the composition of. The ancestors are, I believe, very angry that their descendants and humanity as a whole has become a bunch of damned pacified, braindead and cowardly test subjects still willfully under the control of THEM.

       It's time to wake up, Patriotos! How many more people are going to be sacrificed before you wake up and realize that could be sacrificing you or a loved one next? Remember, not everyone will take the Quantum leap, so to say. Some are scared and refused to live outside of their perceived comfort zone of compliance and blind obedience. We've got to form the Wall, set up defenses and prepare for the creatures of Gog and Magog. Miss Veronica, Unca Lin and il Presidento can't do it on their own. We have to join our brethren and show the enemy that we are the reason why even The Devil is afraid of us.....because we are created in the image of God!

Hold the line, get involved and tell THEM to come get some! There's alot of darkness but we've got alot of light to shine on their scaley asses!

Stay tuned.....💊





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