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       If you've been following this column, you quickly come to the realization that I don't like to play by the rules of the Reptocracy and that I touch on things that don't sit well with the GOP old guard but somehow make more sense to the Quantum era of patriotos. Ironic.....I know.


       In recent months there have been activities coordinated with an alliance of sorts between concerned individuals within neighboring counties. Research has been conducted and information been received as well as vetted. Last Thursday I received a screenshot of a public Facebook post made by Sheriff Paula Dance. This post, made at 9:35 AM, really stuck out to several members within this alleged alliance. Being someone who is familiar with Gematria 💊, a coding system similar to that of a system used by the Ancient Greeks, I plugged the statement made by Sheriff Dance into the Gematria Marshall Super Lead 100.....and here's what we concluded:

Analysis 1

       Upon analyzing Sheriff Dance's cryptic social media statement, it is our conclusion that we, the alleged alliance, believe that this statement is in fact a very possible distress signal being sent out to sympathetic parties. Again, upon analyzing said statement, it is no coincidence that this message is in fact a possible distress signal based off of the irrefutable coincidences shown by the Gematria codex AND in statements of public officials who shall remain nameless.

       Sheriff Dance's message body consisted of six sentences. The "capital" structure of the body consisted of a P-T-P-P-P-P sequence. The numeric value of each sentence is as follows:

Sentence 1- 6304

Sentence 2- 4626

Sentence 3- 1107

Sentence 4- 930

Sentence 5- 1121

Sentence 6- 909

       When all of the numeric totals from all sentences are added up, you arrive at a final total of 14997. When 14997 is typed into the codex, one will arrive at ONE and only ONE translation. The translation comes out as the following:


       For those who've followed this column of madness since it's inception, you will know that we discuss things that don't sit well with party loyalists and the Reptocracy-establishment Uniparty. Things such as Gematria are considered to be heresy as they point to the hidden truth.....the truth known by many but acknowledged by few.

       As we've stated before, everything you see on the national level is going on at the local level as well. This is nothing new and the truth is often stranger than fiction. Certain conservatives are about to get a swift kick in the ass if they don't accept reality. Things aren't what they seem and they're being done for a reason. Fall in or fall behind!

       17 is an interesting number..... remember that here in the near future💊

       Stay tuned.....NCSWIC👌🇺🇸🤘🦇🐺

       Are you awake?

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