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In 2010, Germany passed the "Energiewende" (energy transition) to eliminate coal and nuclear electric production and move to wind and solar.  In 2021, RINOs in the NC General Assembly passed HB951 to do the same thing.  AOC and the Squad calls this the Green New Deal.  Now Germans are paying three times what North Carolinians do in residential electric rates and it continues to get worse.

A sustained period of calm winds this Fall has depleted gas stockpiles in Germany and around Europe.  With calm winds, the always intermittent production of wind energy ground to a virtual halt and gas had to be used to keep the lights on.  Now Germany is facing its first cold snap with both depleted gas reserves and a deficiency in wind electric production, and it is sending day-to-day power prices soaring.  Without access to coal fired power from Poland and nuclear power from France, they would probably not be able to keep the lights on, but even so, the cost to consumers will be enormous.

Even the German federal senator who is regarded as the "father of the Energiewende" has recanted saying it he had known the cost to German families and the impact of making Germany an undesirable place to do business, he would never have pushed the program.  Will NC's RINOs ever recant for what they did to us in HB951?

Wake up, North Carolina.  Our RINOs in Raleigh have set North Carolina up for this very same disaster.  North Carolina needs cheap and reliable power not AOC's Green New Deal. Vote the RINOs responsible for HB951 out in the March primaries.

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( December 1st, 2021 @ 3:46 pm )
I heard from a reliable source today, that there may be efforts afoot in Raleigh to strip counties of their ability to pass meaningful ordinances governing wind and solar operations. I am trying to run this down. If this happens it would be another sellout of NC citizens and our local officials to the wind and solar grifters. Hopefully, this will not happen.
UPDATE: The source sent me the bill number that raised his concern, and from the wording, I can see how it might raise a concern, but it does NOT do what he feared, and it is now ratified which means there cannot be any "committee substitute" dirty tricks with it.
( November 26th, 2021 @ 7:58 am )
Looking at our local legislators on the Green New Deal bill, in the House some eastern conservatives including Rep. George Cleveland (R-ONslow) and Rep. Keith Kidwell (R-Beaufort) fell for the misrepresentation of Speaker Moore on the first House vote and voted for it as a means to try to get it back to what it had been originally, a bill to push modular nuclear reactors to produce electricity, with no green new deal aspects. When it came back from the Senate, their eyes were open that it was a Green New Deal monster. Cleveland voted NO and although Kidwell was an excused absence due to the serious health issues his wife was confronting at the time, he worked the phones against the bill and helped pull at least one legislator, Rep. Steve Tyson (R-Craven) from a yes to a NO. I do not fault Cleveland or Kidwell from their first votes when they were misled by the Speaker. They both lined up on the correct side once it was clear what this bill was.

On the Senate side, our current Senator is a liberal Democrat and, of course voted for the Green New Deal. With redistricting, it looks like Lenoir County's GOP Senator Jim Perry will likely run in our new district. Perry was a major player in pushing the very worst version of HB951. But that is not all on Perry. A conservative former legislator pointed out to me that Brant Clifton, editor of the Daily Haymaker, had written a column a year or so ago, identifying Perry as what he calls a "solar goon", a Republican who is in the hip pocket of the solar and wind grifters. Clifton provided documentation for his call on Perry. Perry is one who does need to be replaced in the primary.
( November 25th, 2021 @ 11:36 am )
This issue does badly need to get in front of primary voters. A lot of our Republican legislators sold us out. That is going to take some work by primary opponents because the media barely let on that this even happened and did not say anything about its future impact. That is the usual political spin of the media. Given the bill's timetable, the impact is likely to be obvious to voters by the 2024 election, but not by the 2022 primary. The Democrats will likely use it to bushwhack Mark Robinson, and the "Republican leadership" of the General Assembly set him up for it. I wonder if Robinson has figured out yet how they stacked this deck against him. It reminds me of their sandbagging our last GOP Lt. Governor and gubenatorial candidate by repealing HB2.
( November 25th, 2021 @ 8:58 am )
What were those fake Republicans in Raleigh thinking? Why did they think their voters back home wanted higher electric prices? What next? Will they think we want more illegal aliens in our midst? Some of them have clearly been there too long and lost touch with real people.

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