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About Us

   It is the intent of this publication to voice our opinion on issues important to our readers and to entertain their curiosity through the honest discussion of subjects significant in their lives. These subjects will not be relegated to just those that are government or economic driven, but, also, those that are community driven and those that speak to our creative spirits.

   Our goal is to be unconventional in our expressed vision of perpetual truth, while engaging in spirited debate on subjects proposed by us and others - you. It is important that we provide a platform that imparts information that is as interesting as its content is unique and engaging.

Meet our Staff

Stan Deatherage
Website Administrator
Founder, President & Publisher
David Winstead
Website Administrator
Design, Programming & Tech Support
Daniel Bunting
Website Administrator
Associate Publisher & Quality Control
Christopher Maye
Website Administrator
Associate Programming & Publisher

Meet our Writers

Alex J. Ortolano
Bobby Tony
Brant Clifton
Buzz Cayton
Clifton Pyle
Diane Rufino
Hood Richardson
Jim Kouri
Kathy Manos Penn
Keith D. Kidwell
Michele Rhem
Pat Riot
Publius Huldah
Ted McDonald
Tom Campbell
Tony Adams


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