Should Securing the Southern Border be Important to Beaufort County's Government, and its Citizens they Represent(?) - December 6, 2021 | Beaufort County Now | Maybe not according to the Nominal Republican and Democratic Socialist Beaufort County Commissioners governing as a majority.

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Maybe not according to the Nominal Republican and Democratic Socialist Beaufort County Commissioners governing as a majority.

    The Biden /Harris Open Southern Border and Resettlement Plan has become a slow moving republic killing event if left to continue through this intellectually deficient administration; and, we should all shudder the horrors of another presidential administration as equally ignorant, and in such great non patriot measure, to continue to add murder to mayhem - the murder of our once great Republic.

    What is interesting here in Beaufort County is that Nominal Republicans and Democratic Socialists, who instinctively caucus as a governing group, have consistently thwarted any resolution for Beaufort County to be resolved to defend the undefended Southern Border. Why?

    The answer is simple on its face, as it is with all wisdom derived from the known actions or inactions of others; in this case politicians charged to act on representative behalf of their constituents. By never taking action to show resolve to correct the illegal actions of the Biden /Harris administration, constitutionally charged to enforce the "Laws of the Land", this majority of Beaufort County Commissioners failed those they represent.

: Two points of purpose by two purposeful Beaufort County Commissioners fail to be ratified unto resolve: Below.

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Should Beaufort County's commissioners be resolved to ask the federal government to defend our Southern Border by ending the Biden /Harris Open Border policy in regards to that one border that is intentionally made wide OPEN?
  Yes, Illegal Migrants are a huge expense to local governments.
  No, the cost of Undocumented Immigrants is insignificant in our providing a pathway for Dramatic Demographic Upheaval..
  I do not care about important issues since I only consider my own pleasures.
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