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       We've had an interesting past few weeks, have we not? I would say that the atmosphere has been very erratic in more ways than one. People are asking serious questions and demanding serious answers moreso than usual. I wonder what could be causing the recent surge in We The People pushing elected officials on key issues?


       Could it be the fact that Resident BiDan always appears on a set ( a poorly constructed set at that), green screen or soundstage?

       Could it be the fact that beloved conservative elected officials with stainless voting records mysteriously don't want to FIX 2020 and everything that goes with it?

       Could it be that what you're actually seeing is different from what you're being told you're seeing?

       Could it be that you're now realizing that YOU will have to save yourself? President Trump, Fox News, Unca Lin Wood or anyone in Raleigh will not save you and your family. 


       While I believe that alot of these truths and others are known to many in conservative and patriot circles; they aren't accepted. The truth isn't pretty nor is it comfortable. We have to know and accept the good, the bad and the ugly in order to move to the next marker. This isn't about Democrat vs. Republican or Liberal vs. Conservative; this is about acknowledging what's been going on in front of humanity's face for thousands of years. FIXING 2020 is and will be a great way to help everyone come to the understanding needed for future events.

       FIXING 2020 is multifaceted but simple to understand. The evidence clearly shows that the 2020 election was stolen ON PURPOSE and I'll give you a hint.....it wasn't by the Democrats, Biden or the CCP💊.  Maybe all of this is being done to show We The People what future timelines WOULD look like if these people ACTUALLY had power? Maybe all of this is being projected to the people to show just exactly who is who AND to show WHY it is important to FIX 2020?

       Freewill is still very much in play here, Patriotos. If these politicians continue to ignore the obvious; you need to show them what happens to elected officials that don't listen to those they claim to represent. In closing, I would like to stress the importance of holding elected officials accountable for their actions.....or inactions💊. Make sure you keep documentation and remember the importance of public awareness as well as connecting the dots.

       Remember.....the most stainless of voting records will not save one from refusing to FIX 2020 nor will a campaign manager with known ties to Big Pharma DEA bureaucrat RINOs such as.....well.....you be the judge. The cabal operates in plain sight.....even on the local level. Know your enemy💊.




       Wolfman out👌.


       "The future is ours....."

       - Nikola Tesla









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