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            As time goes on, I become more convinced that we are witnessing one of the most historical times in human history. It could be said that we're witnessing a controlled demolition of everything that has been built upon lies for alot longer than most could ever imagine. The only problem with this is that, to sum it up on a real perspective; we've been screwed over and fed bullshit by those who, for years, we thought were doing the best for the community based off of what we were told.

       I, personally, have seen one of the biggest alleged supporters of Unca D (President Trump) turn out to be a script-reading and hypothetical proboscis-taking asshole fronting for someone who thinks they descended from humanoids......I'm not making this up. This particular person is a member of the NC House and claims to be conservative as well as a grassroots supporter. I've even disclosed some of this information within a couple of my recent writings here on BCN. There seems to be a recurring series of patterns that some are completely oblivious to or are ignoring. The Akkadian-Phoenician (you'll hopefully come to understand) Democrats, for the sake of conversation, know that they're up shit-o creek but they project the image of somehow conjuring up a landslide victory.....based on the fact that the party's credibility is forever shot to hell. On the other side of the same known universe, Republicans (Uniparty autocratic Akkadian- Phoenicians the same as the democrats) and patriots, many without discernment, have the same strategy as the opposition.....a failed and defeated entity. They believe what they're being told because they choose to believe it. They're rejecting a natural instinct given to us in times such as these.

       To quote "Unca" Lin Wood: "Stay with me here. Woah there watch out comin' atcha now, son!" He doesn't really say all that but he could and it would be hilarious..... especially if he did it native ENC-style and did it like my Uncle, G. Jr The Great😎💊.

       Anyway, (turns the Led Zeppelin down) the saddest part in all of this is that if the democrats cheated then your can bet your ass-o the Reptocrat Republicans did too.....and they don't want you to know. They want you to stupidly vote using machines that are still rigged with a preset algorithm that will not be overridden by a somehow massive turnout during a midterm! This is insanity and like a bad experience while watching "Heavy Metal" in Ridgewood down on River Road! How many times do things have to happen before it's mathematically impossible to be coincidence?

       In closing, I want to bring up the fact, unknown to me until last week, that we have a program, established by Beaufort County Health Department and funded by John Q. Taxpayer, where those addicted to injection narcotics can get fresh needles for injecting the crap the Reptocrats put out on the street. Don't worry though, it's going to cut down on Hepatitis C and HIV. We have "addiction centers", they say. Let's use some common sense and critical thinking one more time as we drop this last quarter into the pinball machine, shall we? Who voted in favor of or against the county allocating money to the health department for this program? Are they familiar with the definition of "genocide" and what it actually means to commit a crime against humanity? Are they so desperate for control that they'll run the ship into the ground and make money while doing it?

       I would like to again state that I'm not instructing people to not vote. I'm simply saying that both sides have been caught cheating. They both used the same systems....even in local races. The biggest opposition against the Patrioto movements of truth and actual freedom through knowledge and guidance comes from those who claim to be on our side. People who've been in office for too long tend to play these games. We are in the Quantum era of the Republic's long and arduous journey in fighting an ancient enemy. Fixing 2020 and everything that goes with it means more than you think💊🇺🇸!

       Before I forget, Germany and Chy-na (not the warrior Republic who fights the same An...deep state that we do) too had government programs that allegedly fought Hepatitis C and HIV. They also had facilities where addicts could to inject government-furnished narcotics with government-furnished needles. Don't we have similar facilities giving out government approved narcotic substitutes at pain management clinics? Reptocrats and Iguana Democrats as well as other illusionary party officials throughout this planet continually push these types of evil because they've been allowed to do so.

       Guess what.....you might have to come to terms with the possibility the entire game of perception of their world is over. Everything is a lie except the truth shown to us by the Good Lord,...even if they've tried to his creations beneath the soil, so to say.

       It's now being said the fenced in former U.S. Capital building is much older than the Akkadian Saturn worshipping Godless iguanas want us to believe......💊


       Wolfie out........





Should the precepts and political ideals of the "Green New Deal," and the 2 year Democratic Socialist politicization of Covid Response continue to take precedent over cogent economic foundational norms?
  Yes, we must save the planet, and we must take whatever measures necessary to control the populations of the World to do so.
  No, the People should continue to have the freedom to make the correct decisions, as afforded to US by God, guaranteed by the Constitution, and beyond all manner of Authoritarian control.
  I have no idea ... I don't read much of what is real.
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