Mission Command: Know Your Enemy | Beaufort County Now | As voting systems remained unchecked and state legislators still do nothing to FIX 2020; let's examine who may be behind the curtain, shall we?

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       One thing that I value about this publication is it's support of the first amendment. As long as one has credible information to support their statement; it's hell to tell the Captain. As a writer and a person who sees a side of tracks most within the mainstream GOP do not, I ask you, the reader, to keep an open mind and think about what we will be discussing from 20,000 ft. I will try and present this observation in a way that's easy to understand for those who may be just waking up.

       In my observations of certain matters within our county government, I've noticed that my view of Sheriff Coleman isn't shared with certain members of the county GOP. Several people I know attended the county GOP convention and within 30 mins, they quickly discovered an apparent fixation with Sheriff Ernie Coleman.....a nationally known Constitutional Sheriff and supporter of President Donald J. Trump. It was then that these people saw what I've been seeing since I became aware of Mr. Meredith's postings pertaining to this issue on BCN. 

       From what I've read and been able to piece together, I believe that we have a situation in Beaufort County that must be brought to the public's attention as I believe Sheriff Coleman is being targeted by his own party.....but not for reasons being told to the people. Why would county GOP officials want a Constitutional Sheriff out of office? Why are county GOP officials taking the word of RINOs over patriots? We aren't county GOP officials listening to We The People?

       I think these questions can be answered very easily. I think we have our own Deep State Reptocrats covering their own asses as well as the asses of their fellow Reptocrats. A close friend of mine, Ace Jennings, has spoken with several boots on the ground and his information matched mine. 

       Houston, we have a problem.....

       From what Ace's information shows, we have several blips on the radar that need to be addressed. Note that both myself and Mr. Jennings have arrived at our hypothetical conclusions through public information that can easily be accessed by you, the reader and concerned citizen. This is not conspiracy theory.

       We mentioned Mr. Meredith previously.....make note of that. Now then, if anyone from the conservative wanted to present a case against Sheriff Coleman, why would you utilize someone who was is a lifelong Democrat and an anti-Trumper? That, in itself, is fatally stupid. If Sheriff Coleman has truly done what he has been accused of, don't you think he would've already been removed from office? Don't you also think that the media would've had a field day with this considering the fact that Sheriff Coleman is a pro-Trump Constitutional Conservative?

       Folks, you're being played by people you've trusted for years. This same model has already been played out and is stupidly being attempted again against Sheriff Terry Johnson of Alamance County.....who first started out as a Pitt County Deputy. Remember that as well. Also, one thing that I want to mention before I retire:

       Do your research on Corey Rogerson, Biden supporter and young Democrat rock star. Through a public search, one can quickly see that something's not being told by the GOP. His father-in-law is a Conservative business owner and known Trump supporter. Something's not right here. Both sides are being screwed over in attempt to overthrow Sheriff Coleman. If Terry Johnson is being attacked by his own people, you can bet your ass your ass that Ernie Coleman is being attacked by his own.

       Until proven otherwise with actual evidence presented by someone with a shred of credibility, myself and others will continue to defend Sheriff Coleman and others who want to FIX 2020 AND EVERYTHING THAT GOES WITH IT.

       Maybe that's why they want the Sheriff out?  Was there fraud in Beaufort County?

       .......time will tell.






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