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       Before we get started, let me state that I, for one, am honored to be able to politically spar, if you will , with Mr. Meredith. While we will definitely not see eye to eye on some things, I think that this will hopefully lead the reader to conduct their own research and connect the dots.  As a younger alpha male, I recognize elder alphas and respect them as such.....even they may possibly think my Black Sabbath-fueled conspiracy theories are being somehow influenced by Unca Ernie as I write them under candlelight while listening to "Heaven and Hell".  Don't worry, Mr. Meredith; you'll see where I'm going with this. If you have a good sense of humor, it'll all make sense as I explain my stance. 

       Let me explain the backstory behind my methods of madness. This, I believe, will give everybody an insight that will be able to digest. The biggest problem that I see in every community is the perception of the Old Guard vs. the perception of the New Guard.  The New Guard is mainly comprised of Generation Y (early millennials) , the generation now referred to as the QAnon generation by the mainstream media and the establishment Uniparty political arena. Generation Y, my g..g..g.. generation (nod to Unca Roger Daltrey) was deeply influenced by the WWII, Baby Boomer and Gen X generations of our families as we were the children who were of consciousness before Y2K. Out of those then living generations of family, I always had a closeness with both of my grandmother's brothers who were of the Vietnam generation. Uncle Danny was the uncle who I connected with musically and Uncle G Jr was the uncle who taught me about history and politics. G. Jr. is a retired Lt. Col. with the NC National Guard and a retired probation officer. 

       One thing G. Jr always said: "When you're dealing with the military and the government, the more crazy something sounds.....the more likely it is to be true."  He also said: "If they ever start calling you a conspiracy theorist, you've said something that's true." Even at a young age, I noticed that Uncle G would upset Daddy-O, my great grandfather, when he'd start talking about truths that weren't widely accepted even by the WWII generation.....and they saw some shit, let's be real. One time, when Uncle G was talking about things he'd seen personally in the service with Daddy-O one evening, he looked at my dad and Daddy-O before saying something like: "Dad, what if I told you and everybody sitting in here that everything we've ever known is a lie? I could tell you things that you wouldn't believe even If I showed you." 

       The "Unprogrammed Vietnam-era mindset", as Uncle G and Dr. Michael Karachun would say, had a very big impact on me very early on. It was always encouraged to think outside of the box, ask questions, research and come to your own conclusions. Debate was encouraged. In my later teens, Uncle G and I would sit out at the farm in Halifax County and have a simulated debates on various issues surrounding 9/11 and things like Putin and Crimea or Gadhaffi and Libya. In a structured environment, he taught me how to analyze information while studying body language and patterns of certain sequence. Myself and others were hearing these conspiracy theories long before "QAnon" was ever forged. My generation didn't start digitally, we read books and then were transitioned into the digital/Quantum era. I do not, for the record, believe QAnon to be a legitimate entity. There is Q and then there are the Anons. The two don't merge.

       I learned from people who took pride in pushing the envelope while walking the line established by the ancestors who had passed on. There ain't nothing wrong with improvising as long as you know the rules of engagement that are naturally established. Being a musician, these rules of engagement are very important. Dynamics are key as well as presentation and execution.

       I know through common sense observation that we are all in one hell of a mess on many different fronts. The Democrat Akkadian-Phoenician cult is shot to all to hell. They killed themselves a long time ago. The Republican Akkadian-Phoenician tribe is also dead BUT it has been allowed to be pass away with somewhat of it's dignity intact. President George Washington warned of the realities we now face in his 1796 farewell address. He warned of how history and governments abroad would become infiltrated under the guide of a two party illusionary system of government that would only benefit one group of people. It doesn't take Nikola Tesla to figure out who or what General Washington, as I like to call him, was referring to. Ironically, in all of this, the biggest problem we now face is the disagreement in perception that exist between the Vietnam generation and Gen Y.....the creations of basically the Vietnam Generation. 

       I want to again make it very clear to the reader that while I do not believe that any of these elections are legitimate based off of irrefutable evidence of obvious intentional election theft....note the emphasis on intentionalI will continue to support Sheriff Coleman until my contacts alert me to something that has been confirmed by the Godfathers. While I respect you as a man and as my elder, Mr. Meredith; I take the word of the Godfathers over yours as you aren't associated with them to my knowledge. I mean that with to utmost respect, sir. I think you understand as you've been in my boots before. We are in a Psychological Operation whether it's admitted or not, I believe. Will the people see this for themselves on their own time.......

       In closing, I'm reminded of a joke told to me by bassist and proctologist, Dr. Edgar Wall IV:

       "So The Lone Ranger and Tonto are getting ready to settle in after riding the trail. The Lone Ranger lays down by the campfire and looks at the stars. As he's looking at the stars, The Lone Ranger gets all philosophical and starts talking with Tonto about what he sees in the heavens, ya know. So he gets done, looks at Tonto and asks: "What do YOU see when you look up at the stars?

       Tonto replies: ME think someone stole damn tent!"


       Stay tuned👌😎







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