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       We live in times where you don't know who's real and who's fake. Who's your ally and who's your enemy? A big piece of this equation that's being overlooked is that your biggest opposition may not your opposition, it may be people who possibly fly the same flag as you do, so to say. As I always state, this IS NOT an attack on anyone in particular; it's an observation that I would like to present to the reader as THEY have the ability to think for themselves. Elected officials are elected by We The People. We don't work for them, They work for us.

       I would like to discuss something that I feel is very important as we've analyzed similar tactics in previous writings. Future proves the past and we must truly come to understand the importance of said phrase. Over the past year and a half, we've all seen very revealing things.....good, bad and ugly. The best way to summarize this is: Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Let's utilize the Looking Glass, shall we?

 I am embarrassed to see the current political tactics being utilized in Beaufort County, especially those of the GOP. Rules of Engagement aren't being followed and it could be said that these attacks are rooted in insecurity and "politics as usual".....but that's up to the reader to decide. The most recent attack against Mrs. Slann has been utilized against me by Keith Kidwell and his handler, Mr. Paul Varcoe. They accused me of being a "plant sent in by the DEMS" simply because I asked a common sense question about FIXING 2020. In essence, anyone who sheds light upon darkness is being portrayed as the bad guy even by alleged ardent supporters of current President, Donald J. Trump.

       For example: In this forum, it was stated that DBS is "Frankie Waters in a dress" or "Liz Cheney" because she said stated, as printed in her palm card that is the thumbnail of this "Led Zeppelin Conspiracy Theory", that she's willing to come to the table to discuss business and execute The Art of The Deal. Discussing business and compromise are two different things. Those who are attacking her know this and anyone with common sense knows this as well. What's wrong with coming to the table to discuss business as sovereign human beings regardless of political affiliation? I thought we lived in a Constitutional Republic and not a dictatorship.....maybe I'm wrong, who knows? If concerns aren't met, the worst the opposition can walk away with is.....nothing. In a hypothetical sense, one could say that these comments are sexist in nature and show the personal views of the Old Guard GOP heirarchy. Think boomerang.

As I've said before, I see a pattern here that shouldn't sit well with those who utilize both discernment and critical thinking. It could be said that the GOP Uniparty has a hit list and people such DBS, myself and others are up there. Again, if you don't think this is true; the evidence is there. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Watch who comes out to attack us.....I'll be waiting😎👌.

       .....time will tell

We've got to FIX 2020 and drain the BOCO swamp. The usual political theater is vacant as nobody wants to see the same Opera over and over again. The Old Guard has a chance to right the wrongs, usher in a new era of understanding (NOT A NEW ORDER) and help RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC.

Will these people allow their pride to entrap them on a hypothetical burning ship?

       .....time will tell.

       By the way, Mrs. Dawn Brinson Slann has my complete and total endorsement as she is the only candidate running for County Commissioner with a set of balls big enough to take on the Uniparty and stand for WE THE PEOPLE of Beaufort County.

 In closing, I would ask the reader and our selected officials to read President George Washington's 1796 farewell address. It's very......ironic. 


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