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       The main purpose of Mission Command is to provide the reader with information that allows them to conduct their own research and come to their own conclusions. I may have my own opinions on certain issues BUT I try my best to look at things from 20,000 feet…..up there with Icarus…..so someone can see what the hell is really going on! What I have to say is going to be hard for some to accept but some already know these TRUTHS. Someone has to say it: These people are sick!


       I have been watching, listening and studying for quite some time now. In between writing Led Zeppelin "Conspiracy Theories" with Sheriff Coleman under candlelight while riding through the land of ice and snow and being a plant sent in by the DEMS (Dr. Ken Robol admitted that Kidwell told him this in an email); I've been noticing the patterns of other Republicans as well. While I have no issue with these people personally, I have, however, noticed what I believe to be something of importance to the reader. For the record, these are my thoughts and my thoughts alone. If you want to attack anyone, attack me directly….. without an alias. I want you to be the aggressor. Being passive aggressive is a sign of weakness. Attacking a lady, any lady for that matter, shows insecurity and the lacking of certain things in certain areas. Prove me wrong. I come in peace but I cannot sit to the side and allow you to RULE AS AN EMPEROR. This bullshit needs to stop. Admit the truth and end this nonsense. The game is already over. It's hard to argue with The Art of The Deal, a modern translation of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. 


       I have given these people (alleged "conservative warriors") the benefit of the doubt several times in hopes that they wouldn't be the weasels I already knew them to be. In watching the actions of our local selected officials, It is my belief that ONE INDIVIDUAL believes himself to be an ancient Sumerian God that all should worship and listen to. Based off of studying this person's strategy, this ONE INDIVIDUAL may possibly think that he has the county GOP under his command. Anyone who kisses his ass or tells him how great he is will be spared as long as they worship at his altar. That's what tyrants, despots and control freaks do. They prey on those they perceive as weak because they don't want to face anyone who's read their book, so to say. They aren't familiar with the ancient esoteric and are terrified of those that are. 


       I have a major problem with any selected official demanding and commanding me to vote for someone who THEY ( who are THEY, really?) decree as worthy. These people will even try to coerce you into playing along with them and then, when you don't, attempt to bully you into submitting to their will. This exercise, TO THEM, is about power and control. I can agree with Unca Frankie Waters on that one for once. Before any of you say it, No, I haven't switched sides. I'm just sick of the partisan bullshit and Mr./Mrs. John Q. Public of Beaufort County are as well. I talk with patriotos of all walks of life in BOCO as I've grown in knowledge and understanding. I cannot say, with accuracy, that THE EMPEROR has done the same.  The problem in this endeavor is that nobody has the balls to call this person out due to his alleged bullying tactics on camera and off. It's not a massive group fueling these idiotic tactics, it's a select few. 


       It's a new day and a Golden Dawn is on the horizon. My namesake is both of William Wallace and my great-grandmother's first cousin, Harvey Dixon Sr. Beaufort County is my home as this is where my rots are. I'm proud of where I come from and that's why I do what I do. Do not double cross me or threaten me. Any attempt to bully me or harass anyone close to me will be perceived as a threat and taken up with the Sheriff, Sheriff Coleman. Try me. I don't like bullies or weak-minded individuals as there is no sport in it. I, just like all citizens of Beaufort County, have my own thought process and sight. We don't work for you. You work for us. YOU ARE NOT A GOD! Future proves past.


       I believe, based off of 2020 and the history of prior elections, that THE EMPEROR AND HIS COURT will try and steal the primary in an attempt to take out Sheriff Ernie Coleman and Miss Dawn Brinson Slann. It's happened before and it will happen again if THE EMPEROR senses his kingdom is falling. He's got Varcoe and the other party elitists in his back pocket. Who knows what they'll do or try to pull to maintain this illusion called the two party system.


       Remember, he who speaks the loudest says nothing. He/she who speaks truth gets called "a plant sent in by the DEMS" by alleged conservative juggernauts who turn out to be Black Hats (the bad guys).


       Will the Beaufort County GOP Uniparty try to rig a primary to keep out two candidates THEY (The EMPEROR) doesn't like and prop up two individuals, whom I know to be good people, that can't even answer a question directly on the issue of a County Gestapo Force that would answer directly to THE EMPEROR?


       …..time will tell

       Has the GOP Uniparty already rigged the primary?

       Again, time will tell…..

       Who is THE EMPEROR

       As we always say: We'll let the reader decide that!




       As much as I dislike the actions of the confirmed EMPEROR, I have observed a hesitancy in supporting "1100", Kidwell. Considering the fact the there is known evidence to support the alleged "Led Zeppelin Conspiracy Theory" of  alleged Pro-Trump actors calling patriotos "plants sent in by the DEMS", there is an element of good within The Court.....possibly.


.       ....time will tell










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