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       I would like to again make public some opinions and observations in hopes of helping initiate unbiased common sense conversation amongst the sovereign readers of Beaufort County and abroad.  These are simple TRUTHS that We The People should be enlightened to as they will soon cast their vote, for the candidate of THEIR choosing. I ask the readers to use discernment.

       Since we, here at Mission Command, have been addressing ironic incidences of  "coincidence"; I've noticed that our views here have gone down substantially since we've started utilizing Hypothetical and Political HyperboleFor the sake of citing sources, research Attorney Lin Wood explaining the importance of learning how to present TRUTHS using the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Could there be elements of "soft censorship" being utilized in this forum?

       Patterns are indicating that it could be highly possible BUT.....time will tell.

       Since the Gematria-coded (allegedly) statement of Mr. Meredith, an actual fellow brother and supporter of current President, Donald J. Trump (I didn't say that. He did in one of our conversations documented in this forum👌); I, again, want to state, for the record, that I come in peace. However, I do believe that my intentions are being dramatized and exploited for political gain.....even by people who claim to support TRUTH and the First Amendment, people I believed to be trusted. That is an insult to my intelligence and to the intelligence of Patriotos across Beaufort County. By attacking me, you attack them. Remember that....even if you do try to cheat.....again. This time, it might be harder for someone to cheat OR they would have to cheat so bad that it would be blatantly obvious and couldn't be ignored. I do not fire AT unless I'm fired UPON. 

       Another point that I'd like to bring up to the reader is the message: "Ernie Coleman is Gaslighting the People of Beaufort County". If you don't believe what I'm saying about the possibility of Gematria being weaponized against the Sheriff and now, Miss Dawn Brinson Slann; look for yourself and type in the message exactly as it's written above at www.gematrix.org.  It's very possible that the alleged Sumerian Gods of our County Commission and ironically possibly the same ones trying to control the County GOP think that We The People are stupid.....that's where they screwed up. It's very possible that someone next to Anu (The EMPEROR GOD) is sending out a distress signal.....similar to that of the one issued by Sheriff Paula Dance and published by WITN as a main headline. We, too, covered, that in a previous Led Zeppelin Conspiracy. Also, consider the possibility that that someone in Anu's Court didn't like the numbers they were shown, ran them again and somehow thought they could manipulate them in an effort to take down the Sheriff. A cat, very much like the one that ANU THE EMPEROR claims to not know about because of il Sheriff-o 's alleged incompetence, is a very dangerous animal when cornered. They have become what they hunted very early on.....endebted and enslaved politicians. I do not wish any bad things upon people like Kidwell, Varcoe and those who've accused me of being a "plant sent in by the DEMS". I simply ask them to cut the shit and admit that the game is over. I know why Trump has possibly endorsed known RINO and "I don't want to FIX 2020 by advocating the complete elimination of all voting devices hooked to the Intra/Internet", Dr. Greg Murphy. Kidwell and Varcoe......research into that if you don't already. I'll give you a hint, if you don't already know; it's a possible sign of things to come. Il Presidento is not a stupid man.

       Keep your friends close......

       If Varcoe and Kidwell read this (if it isn't suppressed even to them), y'all still have a chance to side with the Patriotos and do the right thing as God has granted Freewill to remain in play. I may be an asshole but I'm a humane asshole. I DO have a conscience. Cut the shit and FIX 2020..... completely. Grow a set and be warriors.....on the right side of history. If I didn't give a damn, I wouldn't continually urge you to correct your course before voting takes place.....on a still unchanged voting system. Either completely side with the Patriotos or admit that the ship is burning and get the hell out of the way.

       Even if this publication decides to eject me due to the fact that I support Sheriff Coleman, let the record state that at least one of you has tried to reach me in hopes of "converting" me over to the winning team. I'm of the Clan Cratch and that ain't happening as we are a very hard headed people! Where We Go One, We Go All.....and we don't forget either. If I was wrong in anything I've ever stated, you wouldn't be trying to convert me. Notice how I haven't and will not mention your real name OR any of your aliases. Remember, I'm an asshole but a HUMANE asshole....there's a difference just like there's a difference between talking business and compromising.

       In closing, I believe that "Ernie Coleman is Gaslighting the People of Beaufort County" is actually code for "Ernie is gaslighting the Patriotos" which is a passive aggressive way of possibly implying that il Sheriff-o is gaslighting Patriotos like Cratch. In the sense of this attempted PsyOp by the alleged Sumerian Anunnaki Gods who preside over Beaufort County, Cratch, is a representative of the Beaufort County minds, We The People,  who won't get fooled again. The Uniparty, through attacking il Sheriff-o and Miss Dawn Brinson Slann, are exposing the fact that someone has bucked the system and the gauges are now red, so to say. Everything that has been kept from We The People is now rising to the surface. 

       The saddest part is that We The People know where and who the Achilles heel is but the selected officials, who think themselves to be ancient gods, don't even realize that they've exposed it to us all.....as they always have. Those who don't analyze the past will not learn from it. 

       Until proven otherwise by something other than second hand accounts, il Sheriff-o is Batman and he's holding the switch.....waiting for The Penguin to seal his own fate. Did Batman already know this?

       Yes he did👌

       Have any children gone missing lately around Beaufort/Craven County?


       Human and Child Trafficking is real. It exists even in Beaufort County. Il Sheriff-o knows this and so do others.....allegedly👌












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