Should Election Integrity be Sacrosanct in Beaufort County and North Carolina? | Eastern North Carolina Now | Not so much with Frankie Waters - Beaufort County's greatest Republican interloper - if one judges how he has voted on this pivotal fundamental republican issue, which guides one to simply consider: Why does Frankie continue to vote in support of Democratic Socialist values?

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Not so much with Frankie Waters, Beaufort County's greatest Republican interloper, if one judges how he has voted and positioned his Center-Left Caucus on this fundamental republican issue of our People's most fundamental right - to freely and fairly participate in selecting our elected representatives ... guiding one to rightly consider: Why does Frankie continue to support Democratic Socialist values to the contrary of what is Constitutional and what is Right?

    The good Lord knows that I have given Frankie and his Center-Left Caucus several opportunities to do the right thing, to advocate and to work for free and fair elections here in Beaufort County, and North Carolina; however, there was little interest within this strong coalition of Democratic Socialists and Republican interlopers to do so. It the tragically flawed 2020 general election, with this Republic awash in the Democratic Socialist inspired Covid absentee ballots ripe for ballot harvesting on demand is not an impetus for electoral change; What would be the spark to ignite the Beaufort County Commission's Center-Left Caucus, with Nominal Republican Frankie Waters as its leader?

    At the core of the self-governed, the electoral process is sacrosanct. That should be the prime directive of every elected official throughout North Carolina to elleviate the conditions where an abundance of our good citizens become disenfranchised by this sophistic, non patriotic and unconstitutional abomination of Democratic Socialist sanctioned election fraud. For the political life of me, I cannot fathom why every Beaufort County Commissioner would not stand strong for Voter Integrity, but they did not, not least of which Republican interloper Frankie Waters.

Examples of patriotic county commissioners fighting to do what is right, while the Frankie Waters led Center-Left Caucus continually stops that process of advocating for OUR inalienable right to free and fair elections here North Carolina can be witnessed here: Below.

Will Beaufort County Commissioners be Resolved to Defend Voter Integrity in North Carolina?

    By: Stan Deatherage

    Beaufort County citizens have a voice in this self-governing conundrum of these States United, and it must not be cancelled, or held politically hostage by the false problems promoted by the Democratic Socialists, whose purpose is to destroy this Representative Republic, if necessary to accomplish their nefarious goals. On February 7, 2022, your Beaufort County Commissioners meet to do the People's business, and we shall all witness just where your Beaufort County Commissioners stand on this monumental issue. Read more.

Beaufort County Commissioners Vote 4 to 3 to Deny Their Constituents the Act of Promoting Voter Integrity - February 7, 2022

    By: Stan Deatherage

    And, while this may be an incredible reality to "wrap one's head around"; there is actually a 5 "Republican" to 2 Democratic Socialist majority on this board of Beaufort County Commissioners.

    During this governing interlude of the bizarre, I considered this anology: What may stretch to strain the limits of incredulity regarding one man's Republican ideals, one might well consider that man's close political working relationship with this obvious closely held Nominal Republican's fellowship regarding the dictates of their caucus membership with the two Democratic Socialist commissioners, on this Beaufort County governing board, to be a very real and corrosive construct. Furthmore, the Nominal Republican /Democratic Socialist coalition may seem to be an incredibly odd relationship for the logical mind; however, OH NO, it has proved to a fortuitous one for all members of this caucus, where great success has been achieved by all parties in regards to: 1) Picking the board's chairman and the vice chairman; 2) Setting their ever increasing spending priorities; 3) Deciding where to limit oversight; 4) Pushing continually as a political caucus to control the board, the board's staff, to ultimately enforce a political field of play to better punish their political detractors, and reward their friends ... with YOUR tax dollars ... owed every year, YOU draw breath.

    The more I struggle, along with my long time political friend and ally, Commissioner Hood Richardson, to do the Right things for my community, the more I seem to face abject dishonesty, supported by pettiness and sophistry by Fake Republicans. It is simply incredible how so-called "Republicans" will elevate their petty grievances against their fellow real Republicans to the detriment of doing what is right; in this case, their pure and unadulterated advocacy in their support AGAINST Voting Integrity to continue our Representative Republic. This is the political and governing reality of existing on a governing board with the likes of Nominal Republicans Frankie Waters and John Rebholz; nothing that is real can truly exist unless they say so ... made possible because of their close "bipartisan" fellowship with the Democratic Socialists. Read more.

Beaufort County's Commissioners Vote NO on Election Integrity in Favor of Caucus Inclusion - February 7, 2022

By: Stan Deatherage

    What began as a local resolution to hopefully stimulate political discussion across the state of North Carolina on a existential threat to the continuance of our Democratic Republic ended up as a bipartisan show of force for the Tax and Spend Caucus.

    Beaufort County Commissioners Frankie Waters and John Rebholz joined Democratic Socialist Commissioners Jerry Langley and Ed Booth to lend their collective political inaction to assert by representing YOU, in the face of obvious voter manipulation to the point of regional Voter Fraud, all is well here; just move along. What is important for this moribund collection of 4 amigos is that they keep intact their cantankerous caucus of joyous bipartisans. Read more and see this segmented video for this subject.
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As Beaufort County's premier internet related company, Symbiotic Networks (SNI), we create the highest quality representation of the Beaufort County Commissioners' general meeting of August, 2022 to provide for the public's complete awareness of their most important local government.
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As Beaufort County's premier internet related company, Symbiotic Networks (SNI), we create the highest quality representation of the Beaufort County Commissioners' general meeting of July, 2022 to provide for the public's complete awareness of their most important local government.
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