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    Publisher's note: Our long time contributor, Diane Rufino, has written a number of thought provoking resolutions to be submitted to the Pitt County Republican Convention, and I thought, similarly, they might be 'food for thought' for our readership as well.

    This installment is the second in a series of resolutions painstakingly considered, and well articulated by Diane.

    As the Resolutions Chair for the Pitt County GOP, I wrote a series of resolutions that I plan to present at the upcoming 2014 Pitt County GOP Convention, on March 8. These resolutions include the following:

    1. A Resolution to Oppose the Affordable Care Act as an Abuse of Federal Power

    2. A Resolution to Oppose the Affordable Care Act as a Violation of the 13th Amendment

    3. A Resolution to Oppose Common Core (to b examined later)

    4. A Resolution to Protect the Second Amendment (to b examined later)

    5. A Resolution Denouncing the NSA as Violating the Fourth Amendment (to b examined later)

    6. A Resolution to Respect & Protect the Life of the Unborn (to b examined later)

Resolution for Vote of No Confidence in President Barack Obama

    Whereas, the American Founding Fathers and Framers of the US Constitution recognized that presidential abuse of power carried the greatest potential to derail and destroy the republic, and determined that the American presidency that there were creating should never become a monarchy, they armed the US Congress with two responsive weapons: the power of the purse and the power of impeachment; and

    Whereas, we have seen in the years since 2008 that the power of the purse is not a practical check on President Barack Obama. While Democrats intentionally defy the Framers' design, Republicans frustrate it by aggressive passivity;

    Whereas, the Constitution divides and limits power according to individual branches of government and by subject matter (specific enumerated powers), and not by percentage of governmental control; and

    Whereas, the numerous infractions of the Constitution and abuses of office committed by President Barack Obama have resulted in certain "Articles of Impeachment" to have been filed in the US House; and

    Whereas, there is no likelihood that either Judiciary Committee consideration or full House action is likely to occur, if ever (although perhaps when and if the Republicans retain control of the House and take narrow control of the Senate at the end of the year); and

    Whereas, in a highly-charged partisan political environment, there is no other avenue to put the brakes on a president who demonstrates repeated and egregious violations of the US Constitution; and

    Whereas, in countries that operate with a parliamentary form of government (such as Great Britain and Spain), there is a procedure known as a "Motion of No Confidence" (alternatively "Vote of No Confidence") which is a statement or vote which states that the person holding a superior position is no longer deemed fit to hold that position. This may be based on said person falling short in some respect, failing to carry out obligations, or making choices that other members feel are detrimental. As a parliamentary motion, it demonstrates to the head of state that the elected parliament no longer has confidence in (one or more members of) the appointed government.

    Whereas, there is no such instrument in our Constitution or in existing law that prevents the use of a "Vote of No Confidence" as a comprehensive de facto indictment and conviction for Contempt of Congress, violations of Oath of Office, and of the Constitution itself; and

    Whereas, a list of some particular areas where President Obama has acted in a way so as to cause a "Loss of Confidence" - a "Bill of Particulars"  -  would include the following:

    1. The failure to produce a Birth Certificate (that is not a forgery) to show that he is indeed meets the qualifications established in the US Constitution to hold the office of President;

    2. The repeated empty promises he has given for a transparent, accountable, non-partisan, post-racial, lobbyist-free and completely "fair and balanced" administration;

    3. The scandals that define his administration (including Fast & Furious, Benghazi, NSA domestic spying, and targeting of conservative groups by the IRS), thereby leading to the name for his presidency - "Scamalot";

    4. His use of class, racial, and moral warfare to divide Americans, thereby creating social disharmony and erosion of traditional American values;

    5. His blind ambition to re-define social justice by pushing the Affordable Healthcare Act (federal, socialized healthcare) when he knew the majority of Americans were against such a federal program;

    6. His disregard for the strict constitutional limitations placed on government in the Bill of Rights by his expansion of Executive powers to target Americans under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), by his support of the UN Small Arms Treaty, his use of the NSA to spy on law-abiding American citizens, his use of the IRS to intimidate and silence groups that criticize his policies, his support and enlargement of the Drone surveillance program to improperly expand the powers of law enforcement, and his use of Drones to target Americans abroad.

    7. His unprecedented reliance on three dozen or more un-vetted and largely unaccountable regulatory "czars" and on scores of executive orders (over 20 on gun control alone), whose regulatory implications are virtually unknown -- and not subject to congressional oversight;

    8. His crony-capitalist takeover and wasteful funding of most "green energy" initiatives -- and simultaneous impediments to fossil energy production: coal, natural gas fracking, and "offshore" oil and gas on most federal lands -- costing countless jobs, government revenues, balance of trade, and revenues to state and local governments;

    9. His explosive and "waste and fraud" expansion of the many welfare-state programs (food stamps, housing assistance, cell phones, disability status, workman's comp, Obamacare, Medicaid, child care, school lunches, etc. ad infinitum -- which has given rise to the term "Goverment Plantation;

    10. His use of Executive Privilege to frustrate the investigation of government scandals, his de-facto contempts of Congress, and his multiple violations of the Constitution's mandates for both Separation of Powers and Equal Protection of the Laws;

    11. His constant manipulation of unemployment, economic growth, Obamacare, deficit spending, National Debt, and so-called climate change numbers -- exemplified by his complete rejection of the Simpson-Bowles Commission's bipartisan recommendations for solving the crisis that still threatens the stability of the American economy  -  as well as his rejection of Congressional Office of Budget and Management (OBM) Reports;

    12. His feverish efforts to remove God, Jesus, Christmas, the Nativity Scene, and major Judeo-Christian symbolism from federal government venues and usage, especially in the Armed Forces, and from the public square in general -- while according Islam and sharia (Islamic law) more respect and deference than he does Christianity, Judaism, and the Bible.

    13. His feverish efforts to promote homosexuality and erode the institution of marriage.

    Therefore, Let it Be Resolved that the Pitt County GOP believes that the aforementioned list of deceits, misdeeds, mal-administrations, and violations of law are sufficient to justify an official expression of "No Confidence" by the US House of Representatives.

    And Be it Further Resolved that the Pitt County GOP supports efforts to encourage a vote of "No Confidence" by members of the US House.

    Publisher's note: Diane Rufino has her own blog, For Love of God and Country. Come and visit her. She'd love your company.
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