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NC State researchers in 2016 found that 80 percent of North Carolina beachgoers would either not return to a beach rental if wind turbines were visible — or require an unreasonable discount for spoiled views
Please join us as we host “Birds of Prey” at Goose Creek State Park.
As many of you know, I take pictures ... sometimes too often according to my wife, and I reckon her opinion counts more to me than most.
This begins a new series of images from across North Carolina from my travels, and from the long intervals that I have spent with my camera making a record of where I have been.
This Winter season, help us in supporting those in need in our local community.


Public Perspective

The world is on the precipice of a financial-asset bear market as global bond structures transition from negative real rates to pricing that represents current economic reality.
Not since KLA shock elements seized Kosovo province from the clutches of Belgrade have a pair of southern gunslingers stunned the world like Isaiah Wong and Nijel Pack the weekend past.
With three quarters of the field eliminated in the frantic first hundred hours of play, the resulting Sweet 16 survivors find themselves poised for a run to Championship glory.
The crash and burn looting of Silicon Valley Bank during the last month should be seen as a flashing red light signal of the impending global financial meltdown approaching at flank speed.

In the Past

If we look back on our grade school education, we remember being taught the very fundamentals of what went on at the Constitutional Convention.
Happy Anniversary America !! This year, 2011, celebrates 218 years since the British signed the Treaty of Paris in 1783, formally abandoning any claims to the United States.
There are many people who overlook the brilliance of the US Constitution. They argue that it is outdated and unfit to adequately govern such a modern nation as ours in the 21st century.
We all recognize the 4th of July as Independence Day - as the day we declared our independence from England. We celebrate the Declaration of Independence has since become our nation's most cherished symbol of liberty.


Health and Fitness

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is hosting a virtual meeting on Friday, March 1, 2024, for the Standardized Foster Care Trauma-Informed Assessment Workgroup.
RALEIGH — The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services today released a multi-year Direct Support Professional Workforce Plan.
Approximately 6,800 people in North Carolina have sickle cell disease, of which approximately 95% are Black or African American.
After saying the six-foot social distancing guideline during the COVID-19 pandemic “sort of just appeared,” Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monday testified that his statement had been “distorted” and that it “actually” came from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
The state Supreme Court has agreed to hear one of two pending cases involving North Carolina bar owners challenging Gov. Roy Cooper's COVID-related shutdowns in 2020.


Home and Garden

The United States Department of Agriculture announced Wednesday it approved the sale of “lab-grown” meat for commercial sale.
Coffee liqueur is a most delicious drink - especially if you love the smell and taste of good coffee.
Many small rural churches raise money by printing and selling cookbooks. My cousins published Cousins Cookbook for such a purpose and sold 2000 copies.
My mom and dad always had a garden. Growing up in Little Five Points of Atlanta, extra property was at a premium but we had a half lot next to our house that we planted every spring and summer.


It's Personal

Now for the resolutions ... on second thought, forget the resolutions, and rather ...
I am not a veteran. I only have the greatest respect for those who have served, unsurpassed by all professions that keep America safe and strong.
As 2022 comes to an end, it’s worth taking a look back at some of the biggest names who died this year.


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