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NGO was assisting illegal alien migrants reach Greece, 24 of their workers charged with felonies
hooray for protecting children, unlike monsters at ECU Health
course had contained everything from "Queer Theory" to socialism

Rant & Rave

NGO was assisting illegal alien migrants reach Greece, 24 of their workers charged with felonies
hooray for protecting children, unlike monsters at ECU Health
course had contained everything from "Queer Theory" to socialism


I'd Rather Be Right

From The Right

Bill Moore tell us how to tell when the left is lying
Bill Moore has some really excellent suggestions for each of us

Hood: I'd Rather Be Right

But she strikes out by showing that she is just another liberal who wants to spend your money
Hood makes the argument that participating in the political parties is important

Rev. Mark Creech

“The truth will set you free,” said Jesus (John 8:32)

Bonus Deal

We honor all who served honorably in defense of liberty
It’s hard to imagine a more serious threat to our national security than a military shot through with wokeism.

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Nothing seems to have been revealed about how much this curriculum costs, which should be a consideration in which course to choose. Also, other options should be presented to the school board. It is arrogant by the administration to present only one on a take it or leave it basis. The content of this curriculum is of great concern, but cost should also be considered. The school board should have more than one course to choose between. The more the merrier, and the better to compare both content and cost. The superintendant seems to be usurping th duties of the school board and trying to turn them into a rubber stamp. The school board should not stand for this and neither should the voters.
Commented: Saturday, January 28th, 2023 @ 10:34 am By: Concerned Taxpayer
SAVVAS pushes Herbert Marcuse's radical Critical Theory, a scheme to divid society with this curriculum instead of unifying it. That is not wise for our students or our society.

Herbert Marcuse, the cheif ideologue of the German Communist Party in the Weimar republic, fled to America after the Nazis took over. The communists sought to divide society between the bourgeois and the proletariat, and when the proletariat did not rise up to overthrow the Nazis, Marcuse decided that they needed to push other divisions within society that the communists and other far left could exploit, so he came up with what he called Critical Theory to do that. Critical Race Theory is just one facet, devised by other Marxists from Marcuse's work, of Critical Theory.

SAVVAS' Director of Professional Curriculum Content, Meg Honey, openly advocates Marcuse's Critical Theory, and its components like "intersectionality" and dividing society into "oppressors" and "victims". She has also worked with the radical left hate group Southern Povery Law Center, which has been successfully sued mulitiple times for smearing conservatives.

Education should be uniting society into our identity as Americans, not dividing it to be exploited by the far left. As Dr. Martin Luther King's neice said in her opposition to Critical Race Theory, the only race that matters is the human race.

In a poll by the Civitas Institute last year, it was found that 71% of parents in North Carolina are concerning about political indoctrination of their children in the schools. Politically engineered curriculums like this one are the reason for their concern.
Commented: Saturday, January 28th, 2023 @ 8:41 am By: Steven P. Rader
I purposely know nothing about this "SAVVAS"; maybe because right now I have far larger issues in my creative work cycle that seems to be deepening in a most productive, and finally, unto a prospective profitable end, and then there is the ultimate reason why I have NO interest in "SAVVAS" ...

What I DO ultimately know, and in great purpose, is that education in America is NOT producing the calibre of citizen that will be able to sustain this Republic, and that MUST begin to change NOW.

What I also know is that I will NEVER support any curriculum that motivates the highly profitable, and NOW poorly administered Education Industry from righting its badly listing ship of serving this better, brighter future that MUST begin to evolve NOW ... for we all have paid for that better end result, and we, hardworking taxpayers, damn well deserve it.

Any curriculum that makes any attempt in reaching out to ANY special interest group, as some ancillary motive to provide undue INCLUSION, rather than the instruction of REAL educational directives, of a far more prominent purpose, is only a distraction from the ABSOLUTE charge of what MUST be Education Professionals' unwavering purpose of serving the betterment of our Republic, and Americans becoming far smarter and FAR more productive than they are here now. This basic assumption of prominent purpose is at the tip top of this mighty maxim of societal betterment.

That is how I ONLY know the way forward, and therefore that is my constituents' directive to my elected purpose as an allocator of funding ... and until I am unelected by the greater will of the People, I will unrelentingly serve for this endeavored end.
Commented: Saturday, January 28th, 2023 @ 8:23 am By: Stan Deatherage
They are trying to force this propaganda down from the top. The far left state Board of Education put out a radical Social Studies curriculum that was strenuously objected to at the time. The bureaucrats at NCDPI then found this radical SAVVAS curriculum that matched and are pushing it down to counties.

At the county level, school superintendants whose career path is to move to larger systems and feel they need to have good relationships with the education esbablishment, then fall all over themselves to push this propaganda at the county level. They use those staff at the local central office who are also looking to climb the ladder to assist in pushing it.

The education establihment from the state BOE down to the local central office staff is all stacked for "woke" and aagainst parents. For some it is ideological and for others career-based of kissing the right ass but it is still anti-parent and anti-stueent when the rubber meets the road.

The only group who is in a position to stand up for parents and students and stop this political indoctrination in our schhols is the elected school boards. The unfortunate thing is that too many of them incorrectly see the superintendant as their boss, when in reality he is their employees. Any school board member who stands with the ideologues in the education establsihment and against parents and students in child indoctrination needs to be turned out of office at the next opportunity. The voters have the ultimate say.
Commented: Saturday, January 28th, 2023 @ 8:01 am By: John Steed
Just in case anyone can not get to the info written in this very factual article from the Beaufort Observer Team, I will repost this link.

It seems at least when I hit the link in the article it goes to a blank page.
Someone probably not wanting this important information shared.
Commented: Saturday, January 28th, 2023 @ 12:03 am By: Jann
Apon further research into SAVVAS I came across yet another article on SAVVAS celebrating Pride Month & Beyond.
Commented: Friday, January 27th, 2023 @ 11:05 pm By: Jann
The problem is that the globalists have a War on Meat going on, and are pushing draconian regulations in places like Denmark and Germany and already have in Sri Lanka to reduce meat production, and they want us to eat bugs as a replacement. That is nonsense and we need to throw off the globalist yoke of tyranny.
Commented: Friday, January 27th, 2023 @ 7:28 pm By: Conservative Voter


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