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parliamentary election puts conservatives over centrists
Speedway jumps price 38 cents per gallon - Biden responsible
They just make up the rules as they go

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parliamentary election puts conservatives over centrists
Speedway jumps price 38 cents per gallon - Biden responsible
Trudeau ban includes bolt action rifles as "assault weapons"


I'd Rather Be Right

From The Right

Bill Moore tell us how to tell when the left is lying
Bill Moore has some really excellent suggestions for each of us

Hood: I'd Rather Be Right

If Fake Frankie Waters is re-elected their will likely be a new 35-million-dollar jail that is not needed to be built. If he is defeated there probably will be no new jail.
It is a rotten game these politicians play, with your money1

Rev. Mark Creech

God is in control but we still have free will

Bonus Deal

It’s hard to imagine a more serious threat to our national security than a military shot through with wokeism.

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There is a whole herd of RINOs here supporting liberal Democrat Corey Rogerson, and that includes Kelly Cox, Frankie Waters, Paul Varcoe, and John Rebholz. There may be others in party positions doing the same. It is the Ernie Coleman sour grapes gang. Coleman lost his primary because he was not a good sheriff. Now his inner circle is supporting a man Coleman himself fired, Corey Rogerson.

Allen Jordan was NOT a Constitutional sheriff. Ernie Coleman only half way kenw what one was. Scott Hammonds understands and is committed to those principles. Corey Rogerson has to be talking out of both sides of his mouth, as he would not have gotten that $5,000 our of liberal Democrat kingpin Herman Gaskins if he told Gaskins he would be a Constitutional sheriff.

So Kelly Cox is an Allen Jordan holdover. That explains a lot. The Jordan gang after Coleman took over were just pretending to be Republicans and pulled the wool over Coleman's eyes.

Also, Kelly Cox, Paul Varcoe, Frankie Waters, and John Rebholz were all part of the "yellow sheet gang"
Commented: Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 @ 1:27 pm By: Rino Hunter
Gosar is a solid anti-immigration stalwart, and he will almost certainly reintroduce the bill. The real problem is whether the GOP swamp leadership under McCarthy will let it get out of committee, and it is even more dire in the Senate with "China Mitch" McConnell, who whores for the special interests.
Commented: Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 @ 1:11 pm By: borderhawk
If one believes that this is just part and parcel of party politics, and this is just the nature of what it means to be a local Republican, you are dead wrong; and dead wrong at one of the most perilous times in our Constitutional Republic's history at all levels where the most of us really live and do the real work.

I have been involved in politics /governing, at a very serious level, for about the last 31 years, and I am here to explain it all as simply as possible: Much of what is expressed, and managed by the local Beaufort County GOP is complete FUBAR, where a majority of that group is oblivious to what it means to be a real Republican fighting the good fight, a fight that must be fought with no time to waste.

Just a word from the wise here: Playing bipartisan footsie, while disparaging those who are the very best of YOU; then mix in this chamber of commerce approach, where the self-presumed Elitists present what they pretend is "best for everyone's progress" never works in a Republic, not one that continues where the truth and good sense is paramount.

That is just the real of it ... and that reality is all what so many us have to live with.
Commented: Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 @ 11:21 am By: Stan Deatherage
What do you expect of Frankie Waters? He is what the Democrats call their "secret sleepers", the Democrats they have slipped in as "Republicans". Frankie Waters was an active lifelong Democrat until just a few months before he filed for commissioner. It would be interesting to know which local Democrat operatives organized that. Frankie Waters has functioned as a Democrat in Republican clothing ever since he has been on the county commission.
Commented: Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 @ 11:18 am By: Conservative Voter
''Woke" political operative Herman Gaskins has come out of the closet on Corey Rogerson. 4x8 Rogerson signs have gone up on Gaskins related properties. This bit about Gaskins bankrolling Rogerson's campaign needs to be gotten out to the public. One thing we do not need is another Gaskins flunky in the courthouse. And any Republican who supports this Gaskins flunky needs to be given a pink slip as to any party position.

And, yes, Countrygirl, Rogerson does need to tell voters why he was fired by the Sheriff's department and the Washington Police Department.
Commented: Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 @ 11:05 am By: Conservative Voter
This is an issue as to several individuals, not as much as to the party since the ExCom has not met since this matter came up. It is my understanding that the resignation of Cox was demanded by Garris a couple of weeks ago and he agreed to resign. I have not heard if the resignation has actually been received yet. Cox totally lacked integrity as to what he did. The issue as to the others has developed more recently.

The second worst offender is the party's first vice chairman, Paul Varcoe, who in that position certainly should have known better than to post what he did. Even if it were argued that he was just supporting Cox's act of party disloyalty, rather than Rogerson's campaign, that is NOT what we expect the county party's second highest officer to be doing. He should be condemning acts of party disloyalty by executive committee members and joining Garris in a demand for resignation of Cox.

As to a hired county police force, that is a bad idea. These "professional" police forces "follow orders" and can be politicized much easier than an elected sheriff. The sad state of the current FBI is a good example. So is the Ottawa police who cracked down on the Canadian truckers. Their original chief was very vocal on rhetoric against the truckers but was reluctant to bust heads, so they just replaced him with a new chief who was all into police state tactics. The pandemic lockdowns are another good example. Elected sheriffs in many states, including ours just said NO to the overreach of governor's executive orders and refused to enforce them. With hired police, the only places that happened were where they followed the lead of the local elected sheriff. The same is true of elected sheriff's coming out and proclaiming they would not enforce unconstitutional gun control laws, something no hired police chief has ever done.

Hiring a hired police chief instead of having a sheriff directly responsible to the voters is a very, very bad idea.
Commented: Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 @ 8:18 am By: Steven P. Rader
I have noticed so many good bills get introduced in Congress when the republicans are NOT in control when it is almost assured they will not pass or be signed. Yet when the republicans are in control of both houses and the WH the bills dry up and there is not much accomplished.
Commented: Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 @ 7:12 am By: Countrygirl1411


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