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There are several Sample Ballots labeled conservative in Circulation; BE AWARE.
Gov't media said before election that it would not cover results if right won

Rant & Rave

Gov't media said before election that it would not cover results if right won
follows Canadian province of Alberta adoptning Alberta Sovereignty Act last year

From The Right

Bill Moore tell us how to tell when the left is lying
Bill Moore has some really excellent suggestions for each of us

Hood: I'd Rather Be Right

Sometimes it is hard to tell the Democrats from the Republicans
A house divided shall not stand. Abraham Linclon (R-Ill)
Stewardship of county records is not important until it is, then it is very important

Rev. Mark Creech

Immediately faced pushback as well as warnings of potential legal action

Bonus Deal

What is known about America's latest service branch

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Biden is the one following the fascist playbook, censorship, gun control, and the corporate state. That is where the threat of dictatorship originates. "MAGA" is a populist right ideology very similar to those now surging in Europe. It is the very opposite of fascism. The other huge threat of fascism today is globalism, who have adopted the corporate state ideology of last century's fascism. It is no coincidence that Klaus Schwab's father was a financial contributor to the German Nazi Party.
Commented: Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 @ 2:45 pm By: Conservative Voter
Every state, including North Carolina, needs a similar sovereignty act to counter the overbearing federal leviathan. Also every Canadian province.
Commented: Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 @ 2:39 pm By: Conservative Voter
Charles: I know we are at that precipice. I am paid by the People to know these things, and then act accordingly.

While "all politics are local," all politics /governing are interlocked. I see North Carolina's 5 sanctuary counties possibly yearning to be more like the Non Patriot governments of the Blue States, and then it could trickle down if we are not vigilant.

It truly is "Normal vs Crazy."

And Charles, thanks for your analysis. It truly is a spot on version of what is real for real people.
Commented: Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 @ 11:20 am By: Stan Deatherage
Stan: I have an observation with two conflicting conclusions. First, debating a tunnel visioned idealogue is really not worth it. Second, debating as tunnel visioned idealogue serves to shine light on the ridiculous line of thought that is such a threat to any semblance of a free society. I go back and forth on what is the best course.

I suspect what is happening in New York now is just the beginning. Even before all this, New York was one of the more difficult places to do business just because of the strict regulatory culture there. Now with the courts being used as political weapons, they are likely to be shunned by anyone seriously wanting to do business in the Empire State. It's just too lawless to take the risk of exposure to such potential punitive shakedowns that are now being allowed in New York. I don't think I take much comfort in the promise that this is a one-time event just for Trump. That admission actually makes it worse, because on some level they even take some public delight in their thuggish deeds and can't contain the bravado. So much for the law.

If this stands, it will be a significant blow to our American Republic. Even if it does not eventually stand, the fact that it happened is an indicator of just how far we have fallen.
Commented: Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 @ 10:07 am By: Charles Hickman
Big Bob: This is NOT about me, and those like me, this is Normal vs Crazy! The Smart vs the Stupid; the Patriots vs the Non Patriots.

When you, and fools like yourself, accepted Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) as a way of life, you accepted all of these mantles and more, and that is the insanity of it, which we well recognize, that the rest of US are throwing off just to survive as a Constitutional Republic.

That is the real of what it means to be a patriot with a full measure of understanding of what it means to be a citizen under the guaranteed protection of this nation's Constitution.

By the way: There is NO "compromise" with the Crazy, the Stupid, and those that hate this Representative Republic. That is what elections are for.
Commented: Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 @ 7:52 am By: Stan Deatherage
Yeah Big Bob: Non Patriot Leftists make patriots a little "insane"; yeah, and we are angry, and ready for a great big MAGA (Make America Great Again) return to Normal, and lose the crazy of your Non Patriot Left and your Idiot President, Big Bob.
Commented: Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 @ 11:53 pm By: Stan Deatherage
Bobbie, do you think the mayor of New York was so great when in 1861 he proposed the city secede from both New York state and from the federal union? Or when during the 1863 draft riots in New York City, that city saw the first mass lynching of free blacks in North America? New York City does not always get things right, now do they? But, of course, you approve of the judicial lynching of Donald Trump.
Commented: Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 @ 4:58 pm By: Conservative Voter


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