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The evidence against L. Hillary Clinton is mounting up, and ...

    With rumors of open rebellion in the FBI, this may be what the bold, beginning struggle for the principled soul of America looks like - one where there is at least a patch of fertile ground, where politicians are expected to possess some semblance of honesty, of integrity.

    Sheriff David Clark of Milwaukee County well articulated that it is his belief that these principled agents within the FBI will prevail, will not wither, will not be deterred by the DOJ's corrupt Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and they shall persevere by continuing, and completing the investigation of L. Hillary. Sheriff David Clark appears to be the epitome of a straight spined, black skinned William Wallace; a leader who will literally stand tall against tyranny for the good of the real America, the one our heroes fight and die for. I trust him, his opinion of the once venerable FBI best agents, and we patriots should steel ourselves for hope.

    Remember "Hope and Change"? What path has that taken our Republic?

    It was indeed a transformational one, where Washington, DC became near totally corrupt under the sheer weigh of daily dishonesty, the unmitigated guile, and the sheer tsunami of ineptitude of an Obama Administration that has given us:

      • ObamaCare now in a 'death spiral, where you probably didn't get to keep your doctor, and you definitely did not see a reduction in yearly premiums; instead the reverse was true;

      • A national debt that long exceeded a doubling by only one administration, where, in the first full year of his administration, Hussein Obama took a Democrat Congress's allocation of an almost 800 billion dollar infrastructure package to incentivize the 2009 U.S. economy, and summarily turned it into a slush fund for Democrats;

      • Open war against the U.S. House, which turned Republican in 2010, when the House began to put the breaks on Obama wasteful spending. Obama then employed the more than willing corrupt Democrat Media to spin every budget crisis as the Republicans were shutting down the government if they did not give Obama his favored budget, where he could more than double food stamps (which could be turned into cash for Democrat voters), while handing out "ObamaPhones", etc.;

      • The proclamation of surrender in the Iraq theater in the The World Wide War on Terror at a prescribed time, against the advice of any, all outstanding military advisers, which has led to chaos and genocide throughout Iraq, and yet another safe haven for Obama's J.V. team - ISIS /ISIL;

      • The rise of ISIS /ISIL in Syria, Libya, and elsewhere in the Middle East is directly correlated to Hussein Obama's foreign policy of withdrawal from the Middle East, with sporadic support for the more radical Islamist operatives to curry their favor for his administration;

    This is going to take a while, so I'll get back to this terrible timeline at a later date, be it bolstered or just continued, or a separate post, which will probably be the case.

    But I digress, even though Hussein Obama has been the most corrosive, dishonest president in modern American history, and we will have plenty of time to do a literal postmortem as to how this "tranformational" perpetual candidate has damaged America, her psyche, our People, their lives. Now, we examine his Socialist surrogate, Lying Hillary Clinton, and how she will extend a 3rd term for Hussein Obama, and L. Hillary will do it while under criminal investigation by an FBI that is under open revolt from the complete, abject corruption of the United States Department of Justice, and Corrupt Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

    What transpires from today forward will be one of my chores to mind, and provide a knowledgeable opinion now and later as some of try to preserve our Republic.

Regardless of who was your champion in this past presidential election: Will you recognize the duly elected leader of the Free World?
  I will never recognize President Donald J. Trump because he is not worthy.
  I will recognize President Donald J. Trump, providing he respects the office in which he holds.
  "At this point, what difference does it make?"
102 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

Considering that Hillary Clinton, from the recently concluded email investigation, is charged with gross negligence, dereliction of duty, was recommended that she lose her security clearance, while pathologically lying to congress, the press and the American People; and even though she was not referred for indictment because she is a Clinton: Will you?
12.84%   Vote for Hillary
76.65%   Vote for The Donald
10.51%   Vote for none of the above
257 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

And now for your additional voting pleasure:

What should be the priority of the Federal Government after the "Pulse" massacre: Should we turn our attention toward destroying, earadicating ISIS as Candidate Trump suggests, or, as Democrats' President Obama suggests, broaden our efforts to effect stricter Gun Control laws to limit "Gun Violence?"
83.78%   After many years of trying to degrade and contain the murderous ISIS, we should make it the nation's policy to destroy ISIS immediately.
6.08%   Gun Violence in America can be eliminated by limiting access to guns for all American citizens.
10.14%   I don't care either way; I just live here.
148 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Should Americans be thankful for North Carolinians setting precedent in taking a stand for their state's right to manage the safety of their public facilities, where separation of the sexes remains, or should they follow Bruce Springsteen's lead and boycott the state as bigots since they will not allow grown Transgender men to use the same bathrooms /locker rooms as pre-pubescent girls?
  North Carolina is right to control the separation of the sexes as a matter of decorum and safety.
  North Carolina is a bigoted state to not require that children of opposite sexes share the same public facilities with adults of the opposite sex, although misidentified - the Transgender.
  I generally prefer the natural environs of the vacant, although rather public, large tree.
253 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

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