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An ordered space, bound only by the confines of the simple reality of this evolving World, is the constant and ever changing muse of Photographer Stan Deatherage's best work, where the expanding volumes of prints can be found here.

Volume I

    This series of prints published for sale in a limited edition format of prints signed and numbered are exhibited here in the new format of 1490 pixels wide. Here below, we begin the exhibition:

The Pamlico River trestle at sunset on a cold Winter's day - "Classic Finish": Above. "The Sun Goes Down on a Harbor Past" is an dreamy image of the Jennie B. schooner along the Washington, NC harbor front in August 2013: Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage     Click images to expand.

Price of Prints

  • 18 inch wide prints on matte paper - 34.00
  • 18 inch wide prints on lustre paper - 38.00
  • 18 inch wide prints on other materials - 24.00 above the cost of the nature and quality of the material, and, or, style of canvas, which is set by the printing cost, and varies greatly in its range.

On a short short trip to Core Banks and Harkers Island, I wondered, "You Talk'n' to Me": Above. "The New Day" was a magic goup of moments at Atlantic Beach: Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage     Click images to expand.

    These photographs record moments in time that are special to me. If they pique your interest; you enjoy the story of the moment, you might enjoy the high resolution print version.

An Autumn perspective here of - "Bodie Island Lighthouse": Above. "Feeding Time" represents a splash of color that is nature: Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage     Click images to expand.

    I struggle to find variety in making my images, and, as much as I try to find beauty in most everything, I reserve the right to be impressed by what I see before I get my camera out. Often, I find a subject or muse, and then exhaust that theme; and, remarkably, that continuing story retains my interest.

The Pamlico River trestle shrouded in the mysterious mist one winter's morn - "A Test of Will": Above. "Bodie Island Light Station" as an Autumn afternoon abruptly draws to a close: Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage     Click images to expand.

Contact Information to Purchase Prints:

Lynn Deatherage; sales representative -   phone: (252) 944-3952  •  email:  •  or message me here on BCN

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