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    You said that you would have the most transparent presidency in the history of the United States. So in the interest of transparency, I have a few questions that I would like to clear up. Since there are only ten days left until Election Day, I am sure you would have no objections to answering a few questions that potential voters might find interesting.

    Why did you leave our embassy in Benghazi seriously unprotected while you were aware that the Red Cross and the British Embassy had shut down their offices because of the danger? When Ambassador Stevens asked for additional security, you responded by reducing his security. You left the embassy unprotected to the point that many called it a death trap. And when the terrorists attacked, you denied the pleas for help three times while you were watching the attack unfold in real time. A Delta Force was two hours away just waiting for the world to "go." You never uttered that world. The gunships were only an hour away, and they too were ready to go. How could you watch all this and sit there and do nothing?

    Since you knew it was a terrorist attack from the start, by did you come out with that absurd story that it was just a demonstration? You watched Ty Woods and Glen Doherty die in real time, and you dishonor their bravery and sacrifice by not telling the truth. Could this be just criminal negeligence or something more sinister? Let's explore some options.

    Why did you attack Libya in the first place? Sure, Kaddafi was a bad guy, but he wasn't bothering us, and he was keeping Al Qaeda out of his country. So let me get his straight. You attacked Libya without consulting Congress and without the full support of NATO. In other words you did this entirely on your own. The consequences of your actions have allowed shadow militias to unite under Al Qaeda's banner. The Muslim Brotherhood will take over control of Libya and will become even more hostile to the USA. Thousands of Black Libyans who have lived in peace for decades have been uprooted, imprisoned, and killed all in the name of ethnic cleansing. How do you feel about the plight of the Black Libyans that you put in harms way?

    Not only has the Muslim Brotherhood taken over Libya, but they have also taken over Egypt, and we have seen you side with the Muslim Brotherhood against former President Mubarak. Egypt was an ally of the USA while Mubarak was in power, and they signed a peace accord with Israel.

    Now that Mubarak is gone, we have a hostile government in Egypt. It is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the new president of Egypt is Morsi who has called for the destruction of Israel. So let me get his straight, we have a hostile government in Egypt and we are still giving them billions of dollars in aid. Please explain that to the American people.

    There is a civil war raging in Syria. Just like in Egypt and Libya, the rebels are overthrowing a bad dictator, and again the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to take over Syria. And you are giving aid to the rebels who are Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda operatives. Under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood, all three countries will become hostile to the USA and Sharia Law will be the law of the entire region.

    What makes Syria really frightening is that they have the largest stockpile of chemical and biological weapons in the world. What do you think will happen when Al Qaeda is able to blackmail the world with chemical weapons?

    Since the Muslim Brotherhood has control of Libya, Egypt, and is poised to take over control of Syria, what kind of deal did you make with them when they visited you in the White House? Did you make any provisions to protect Israel or did you just leave them to twist in the wind. It's OK to tell us. The election will be over before anyone reads this article, and after the election the media will just ignore the story.

    I have watched several videos in which you proclaim to be Muslim, but most of us knew that already. Your father was a Muslim therefore you are automatically a Muslim. It doesn't make any difference what religion your mother was. You went to Muslim schools in Indonesia. You had Muslim roommates in college. So why have you spent millions of dollars hiding all of your records? For all the transparency you proclaim we really know nothing about you. There is no paper trail. You said in "Dreams of my Father" that you found your birth certificate while going through some family records. Where is it? It certainly isn't the Adobe versions that the Democratic Party produced for you. I would think that your grandmother would remember something as important as your birth, and she said you were born in Kenya. Your wife said you were born in Kenya, and your biographer said you were born in Kenya. We would just like to hear you say it. Where were you born?

    When you were staying with your grandparents in Hawaii, and you were stoned everyday why did you feel resentment against your grandparents because they were white. You said that you have always felt ill at easy around white people. Can you tell us why?

    Your college records at Occidental College may be sealed, but there were students who remembered you. You seemed to be fine with Muslim friends like Imad Husain a Pakistani roommate, Mohammed Hasan Chandoo a Pakistani, and Wahid Hamid a Pakistani.

    Your roommate at Columbia was Sohace Siddiq who was a Pakistani. They all remember you as an ardent Marxist/Lenist. You seemed to get along very well with Muslims, but non-Muslims thought you were aloof and arrogant. You forged stronger ties to the Muslim world with visits to Pakistan several times. As a Muslim do you feel any remorse by hiding behind a Christian façade? Is this quote true? Islamic teachings consider Islam to be in a permanent state of war with the non-Islamic world until the whole world follows. All non-Muslims living in non-Islamic states are "enemies." So deceiving Westerners is totally acceptable because deceiving an enemy in a state of war is totally acceptable. It is encouraged if it can forward the goals of the spread of Islam. Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.

    When you were introduced to the Saul Alinsky technique in college, did you make a decision to become a community organizer? And if you did, was your plan from the beginning to fundamental change the United States from Capitalist system to a communist system of government? You have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams. So tell me how does it feel to be the first Black Muslim Marxist to occupy the white house and become the most powerful person in the world? Do you feel any remorse for what you have done to the United States?

    I am proud to be an American, and there are millions like me who feel that you have done everything in your power to destroy my country. You are my president, but I don't trust you. In a country that guarantees freedom for every one of us, why should we have to fight you to retain it? Millions of us feel that first you want to impoverish us, and then enslave us through government regulations by executive order. You have stated that our Constitution is out dated and Congress is irrelevant. So tell the American people, do you plan to become a dictator?

    You are so arrogant that you never acknowledge the people who have helped you reach your powerful position. I have never heard you thank George Soros for the millions he has spent to lift you from obscurity to become the President of the United States. You and he share the goal of destroying the United States. Where does that hate come from?

    I have never heard you thank the Democratic Party for providing the cover and the platform to achieve your success. The Democratic Party has committed a fraud against the American people on an unimaginable scale. They have in effect stolen the country from the lawful owners-the American People. And they have turned it over to you as you own private amusement park? Now that you have achieved that goal, what else do you need?

    I doubt that I will get any answers to my questions, so let me end my letter to you with a statement.

    Mr. President, we the people want our country back. We want to be free to make our own decision without government interference. We want to worship God in our own way in the church that we choose. We want to pray and salute our flag at times and places of our choosing. We want a strong military that is provided with the best equipment that money can buy, and offer them the respect that they deserve. We never want to hear the name czar again. When you leave you can take all of your communist friends with you. And I don't care where you go-just leave.
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