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For the last 2 years many of you have read my rants, exercising my right of free speech, against the present Administration.

A Honest Perspective of a Dishonest Politician

    For the last 2 years many of you have read my rants, exercising my right of free speech, against the present Administration. It is no secret that I find the path we forced down, and the way it is being forced upon us both destructive and disgusting. With the general election coming tomorrow I am writing this letter for several reasons.

    First, is not to say I am sorry if I angered anyone. I am alarmed and fearful of the path the Progressive (Socialist) Democrats are taking us. As long as the First Amendment exists, and I have great concerns about the fate of the First, Second, in fact all the Amendments and the Constitution in general, if Barack Obama is re-elected for a second term. The foothold the Progressives have made is alarming as we are a Republic, and not a kingdom or a dictatorship. We are a Republic and not a socialist Country where a big brother government makes all our decisions for us. I have felt it was my Patriotic duty to call out the abusive and sometimes criminal actions, carried out by the Obama Administration in its quest to fundamentally change America into what he envisions it to be. Make no mistake, Obama's obsession with changing America is not because he has a deep seated love for people and wants everyone to be "equal". It is actually quite the opposite. In his form of government, everyone is equal, except, the power elite, the Party if you will. The quest to remain in POWER is all encompassing and must be accomplished at all costs, because removal from power would turn those in power, into the common Citizens that must now obey the rules being created by the new "power". All one has to do is examine the failures in the former USSR. The Politburo Members lived in luxury while the general population waited for the government to supply them with all their needs. Unfortunately, under the socialist agenda, there is no incentive to work, create, or move forward because there is no reward (other than serving the Party). Productivity goes down, food production and the manufacture of necessities drops and there is not enough to go around. The leaders get their necessities off the top and the rest are rationed to the masses. The result ...shortages. Shortages of, housing, toilet paper. This is the same model that Obama is creating. With 4 more years, the socialists will make changes to our system of government, our freedoms, and way of life that we may not be able to reverse. They will control elections and their outcomes. We are already seeing efforts to manipulate and control voting by fighting the use of positive ID's and trying to eliminate the absentee ballots from our military personnel overseas. I fear that so many people don't think this could ever happen here and have become so complacent that they are ignoring the facts, the signs, the obvious. As I said I am not apologizing if I stepped on anyone's toes or hurt their feelings. I respect your opinions but, to me, it is so important that I feel I must make the effort to change your minds, show you what is happening John Adams said, "But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever."

    Second, I sincerely hope that instead of buying into propaganda you are being spoon feed by David Axelrod, his Chicago political machine, and the obviously left leaning mainstream media, I can convince you to take this last minute time to actually research information about the candidates, their backgrounds, their lives, their philosophies, etc. and make an educated decision about who is best suited to lead this Country and maintain it as a Constitutional Republic, where we make the decisions that guide out lives and government is there to support us, not rule us. It is obvious I am fro Mitt Romney, but it is not based on the fact he is a conservative Republican. I was not sure he was the best choice during the Primaries, but I did my research. I knew I could not agree with Barack Obama's vision of America, not could I embrace his big government control and spending philosophy. While the Obama campaign knew they could NEVER run on Obama's pathetic record, his broken promises, or his lack of vision for the future, they chose the path that has furthered hurt America. They have chosen to "CREATE" a Mitt Romney that you could hate. A rich, corporate, robber baron that could not relate to common Americans and would drop nuclear bombs at the first opportunity, create a path that would only benefit himself and his rich friends. They have set rich against poor, making success and wealth a bad thing, they have attempted to alienate woman with a fabricated "War on Women", and they have continually played the race card in an effort to turn black against white and Latino against everybody. They are dividing the Country rather than unifying it. Unfortunately, their strategy has worked to some degree. In recent weeks, many Americans have seen through this plan. Women have come out strongly voicing that they are more concerned with the economy and the future than about condoms. Many African-Americans are seeing the actual statistic regarding where Obama's plans have put them regarding unemployment. Many are stepping out, crossing racial lines and condemning what Obama has done. When an educated African-American "crosses the line" and supports Romney, the true purveyors of racism show their cards. They are called "traitors to their race" and "Uncle Toms", but even worse are subjected to death threats. If you do choose to research the Candidates, you will find Mitt Romney, nothing like the person the Democrats have fabricated. Yes he is wealthy and successful and can afford what many of us cannot. That makes him bad? If he is worth $200 million and bad, why are JayZ and Beyonce not the Devil's Spawn, as they have a net worth of $460 million? Mitt Romney has a history of philanthropy that the Obama ads fail to mention. Last year alone, he donated over $4 million dollars to charity (check out what Obama and Biden donated...especially Biden) His ads want to tout he only paid 14% in taxes, but failed to mention that is on top of 35% Capital Gains taxes, and most importantly...that is what he was required to pay by the present law. Biden and Harry Reid tried to criminalize him but could not produce any evidence to support their slanderous accusations. Personally, what the man made and paid in taxes is NOT what this election is about.....It is simply another smoke screen thrown in front of you to distract you from the blatant truth of Obama's record. The absurd magnitude of these lies should not only tip you off, but should anger you simply because these puppet masters have bet that the majority of Americans are too stupid to see through them and will continue believe whatever dribble they tell you. Again, seeing past the lies, misdirection and smoke screens, you will find Romney is exactly the type of Leader we need in America right now. A successful, proven businessman with a track record that supports his abilities and a history of compassion and caring, who is strong in his resolve and his convictions. He stands for what America is and is a man of his word, unlike the man presently occupying the Office. If there has been a liar in this campaign, all one has to do is look back on Obama's 2008 promises to see who stood in front of you, looked you square in the eyes, and LIED. He lied about who he is and what he is. He fed you things you wanted to hear and painted a pretty picture that he could not deliver. And he continues to lie to you today. But so many are still hooked on the dream and wanting to blame that they still buy into his lies and schemes. Do your research...DO NOT pull that lever on Tuesday without finding out the truth, or verifying what you perceive as the truth. This is a turning point for our Country....NOT just another election!

    Third, I want to make a statement about US. The present crisis we are in is not one person or Party's fault. It is our fault as a collective whole. The real problem facing American today is GREED. Greed is at all levels and permeates this entire election. Greedy individuals, greedy bankers, greedy lawyers, greedy politicians, greedy unions, greedy union leaders, greedy CEO's greedy corporations...they all play a role in where we are. We have become a society of "what's in it for me". But more importantly we have become a Nation of "I want mine and I don't care what happens as a result" greedy takers. This is so evident in things like the lady who sued, and won, $4 million dollars from McDonalds because she was stupid enough to put hot coffee between her legs while driving. We all pay for these ridiculous lawsuits. In this election, the same type of greed is playing a role. Blacks vote for Obama, simply because he is black. Woman are voting based on "woman's issues". Is the availability of free birth control and the ability to get an abortion more important than the Country as a whole? Latinos want free Citizenship, now, without regards to cost or potentials to the Country as a whole. This is where we have to stand up as AMERICANS and look at what is best for the Country, NOT a particular group. John Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." During this election we might want to remember those words.

    Finally, I hope you will vote this Tuesday, if you have not done so already. I hope you will consider some of the things I have mentioned in this letter. Don't be a lemming or a sheep....Do your research for the sake of America.

    If you agree with the contents of this letter please pass it along so others may read it before Tuesday

    Don Heres, November 5, 2012
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