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Two left-leaning organizations sent a letter to North Carolina’s State Board of Elections last week urging the state officials to block former president Donald J. Trump from being able to run for president

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the Carolina Journal. The author of this post is Kevin Garcia-Galindo.

    Two left-leaning organizations sent a letter to North Carolina's State Board of Elections last week urging the state officials to block former president Donald J. Trump from being able to run for president, arguing that his involvement in the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol legally disqualified him according to Section three of the 14th amendment. North Carolina is one of nine states targeted by the letter campaign.

    The letters were from the organizations Free Speech For People and Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, and addressees includes election officials form California, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

    The letters closely resemble a similar letter sent by the sent group to the Nevada Secretary of State Francisco V. Aguilar back in April. The campaign was originally launched solely by Free Speech For People under the name of the "14 Point 3 Campaign," but was relaunched in November when Trump announced his reelection campaign, in collaboration with Mi Familia Vota, under the new name of "Trump is Disqualified."

    Legal argument and analysis

    The N.C. letter argues that "under the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Mr. Trump is constitutionally ineligible to appear on any future ballot for federal office based on his engagement in insurrection against the United States."

    The letter spans 20 pages arguing that Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, also known as the Insurrectionist Disqualification Clause, disqualifies Trump from the presidency.

    The clause states that "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath . . . as an officer of the United States . . . to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability."


    The letter states that Trump's role in the "January 6 insurrection" makes him ineligible and that "States may enforce Section 3 without any new or special federal legislation." This is as long as two-thirds of Congress does not invalidate Trump's disqualification.


    A paper released by the Congressional Research Service noted that although the president is not explicitly included in the provision, the president may fall under the category of "civil officer" which is explicitly included in the provision. The 2021 articles of impeachment by the House of Representatives accepted this view when it cited section three of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    Jon Guze, Senior Fellow in Legal Studies at the John Locke Foundation, noted however that "convincing" counter arguments have been made from lawyers Josh Blackman and Seth Barrett, in a New York University Journal of Law and Liberty article.

    The letter also includes the example of Abdul K. Hassan, a Guyanan-born naturalized U.S. citizen who was disqualified from appearing on the ballot by the NCSBE. A similar case occurred in 2021 when a suit was filed by N.C. voters against the U.S. Representative Madison Cawthorn's reelection campaign. Free Speech For People was involved in the co-lead counsel challenging Rep. Cawthorn's ballot access.


    During that litigation, North Carolina's State Board of Elections took the position that they held the authority to enforce section three of the Fourteenth Amendment, defending it in federal court but ultimately losing their case. In May 2022, the Fourth Circuit reversed the previous court's decisions, however, stating that the Amnesty Act of 1872 did not preclude any further act of disqualification, as Cawthorn had argued. By that time, however, Cawthorn had already lost his primary so the board never sought to resolve the challenge.


    Co-founder and President of Free Speech For People John Bonifaz told CJ that the Amnesty Act of 1872, "was not designed solely to address ex-confederates. It was designed to address future insurrectionists as well. And Donald Trump is the Jefferson Davis of our time, and he must be barred from the battle."

    Guze maintains that, although the 14th amendment was written and ratified following the Civil War, "it's not at all clear that the Capital Invasion constituted an "insurrection or rebellion." The fact that the letter makes frequent comparisons to the disqualification of Confederate officers and soldiers is both appropriate and telling . . . to compare what happened on Jan. 6, 2021, with secession and civil war is laughable."

    Dr. Andy Jackson, Director of the Civitas Center for Public Integrity, agrees.

    "Free Speech for People has no legal basis for the challenge since President Trump has not been found to have been in rebellion or insurrection by any court, and the North Carolina State Board of Elections is not competent to issue such a finding on its own," said Jackson.

    "A similar challenge based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's eligibility in Georgia failed in 2022. In that challenge, Free Speech for the People failed to produce sufficient evidence to prove that she had committed insurrection. They have no more evidence against Trump," he added.


    Guze similarly called the challenge "performative" and said that Trump could almost certainly mount a successful challenge if forced to do so.

    "Even if one could characterize some of the events of Jan. 6 as an 'insurrection' it's not at all clear that Trump was 'engaged' in those events," said Guze. "The Democrats had a chance to show that he was during the impeachment proceedings and failed miserably. Given how unlikely it is to succeed on the merits, I'm inclined to think this is more of a stunt than a serious attempt to keep Trump off the ballot."

Considering what real news is available for all to witness, and in great specificity, should one pursue what is true outside of the channeled realm of the corrupt corporate /legacy media, and: Is Institutionalized Corruption real, and is it a hindrance to sustaining our Constitutional Republic now, and for future generations of American citizens?
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After nearly 8 months of the United States House of Representatives' Oversight Committee hearings, House Speaker Mike Johnson is pursuing an Impeachment Inquiry into the strong allegations of Bribery, Influence Peddling, Money laundering and possible Treason regarding the Biden Family Shell Corporations' business dealings with foreign nations that are adversarial to our survival: Is it prudent and wise for the Republican controlled U.S. House to investigate this Democratic Socialist President?
  No, Democratics should never be investigated because they are so superior to their Republican counterparts, and care so much more.
  Yes, in a Constitutional Republic, bound by the Rule of Law, no one is above the law, and that law must be applied evenly.
  Not sure ... Now, what got all this started?
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Now that the public is allowed to know the truth regarding the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal, after more that 2 1/2 years of deception by the corrupt Corporate Media Kabal, propropagandidats all, and the discredited Deep State, we have NOW learned that the infamous laptop is far less about the Biden Boy's fetish for pornography, narcotics and Russian whores, and far more about Hunter's pivotal role in the Biden Crime Syndicate's selling of deep access to our foreign adversaries, and to what extent it has compromised our national security: What is your opinion about this possible coordinated Treason?
  It is imperative that we know the truth of what may be the greatest scandal in our Republic's history, and all aforementioned parties prosecuted for their crimes against the People.
  Currently, our Two Tiered Justice System is constructed to protect all Democratic Socialists, their corrupt "Journalist" spokes-sheople, and their Deep State enablers ... so why bother.
  It is Donald Trump's fault.
  How can we be assured that the "Laptop" is real? Would NOT our standard journalists have investigated this issue thoroughly nearly 3 years ago if it was real?
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( October 5th, 2023 @ 5:12 pm )
Never disabuse yourself of the reality that there will always be plenty of Leftists here in North Carolina, who cannot understand the US Constitution, while on some misguided mission of great error, thus possessing an incredible and unwarranted certainty to an issue not within their intellectual grasp.

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