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New study from Media Research Center finds that Google consistently favors pro-abortion sources over pro-life ones.

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Leif Le Mahieu.

    Google's search results consistently favor pro-abortion sources over pro-life ones, according to a new study that tested the search engine giant against its competitors.

    A new report by researchers at the Media Research Center's Free Speech America says that a pro-abortion bias exists across Google's search engine, its AI chatbot Bard, Google Ads, and company policies. Researchers at the MRC compared Google results to those of Bing and DuckDuckGo, saying that results from Google tilted in favor of a pro-abortion perspective.


    During one test, researchers searched for the word "pregnancy" on all three search engines the day before the 50th Annual March for Life. According to the researchers, Bing and DuckDuckGo had more neutral results, while on Google, the top link produced was to a page on Planned Parenthood, the country's leading advocates for abortion. This search result was also confirmed on Friday by The Daily Wire - on both Bing and DuckDuckGo, the top search result for "pregnancy" was a link to the same Mayo Clinic page.

    A spokesperson for Google told The Daily Wire that claims of bias were without merit. "There's no validity to these allegations of bias. We don't manipulate search results, modify our products or enforce our policies in any way to promote or disadvantage any particular ideology or viewpoint. For the search queries that were studied, Google shows a range of sources and perspectives, contrary to the misleading suggestions of the report," a spokesperson said.

    Researchers also said that pro-life information on how many women regret having abortions was relegated to the bottom of the page when looking for answers from Google on that topic.

    "When MRC researchers searched Google for the terms 'study women did not regret having baby' on October 20, Google buried the pro-life results at the bottom of the page as the twenty-fifth and twenty-seventh results," the study, written by Gabriela Pariseau, said.

    Information that was at the top of the page, according to the study, directed searchers to click on an article from the University of San Francisco that was a flawed analysis of the pro-abortion "Turnaway Study" that said most women who had abortions said it was the "right decision."

    "The article made no mention at all of the 96 percent of women who did not regret having their baby," Pariseau said.

    Google disputed the search results cited in the report, saying that their results were similar to other search engines.


    In another test, MRC researchers asked Bard, Google's artificial intelligence tool, about the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. According to the report, Bard did not detail the pro-life argument that abortion ends the life of an unborn child.

    "Google is in lock-step with their leftist allies and the legacy media," MRC President Brent Bozell said in a statement. "Google's algorithm continues to elevate research favorable to the pro-aborts while suppressing good news for the pro-life movement."

    The study also pointed to Google's previous decision to ban abortion pill reversal ads from pro-life organization Live Action and conservative news organization LifeSiteNews.

    "We do not permit ads with unproven medical claims and medical experts have raised serious concerns about abortion pill reversal. Beyond protecting users from medical harm, our ads policies do not distinguish between promoting pro-choice and pro-life messages. Live Action is currently running ads on our platform and they continue to be eligible to promote their perspectives and services as long as the ads do not violate our policies," a Google spokesperson said.

    Internal policies at the company also indicate the company's pro-abortion stances. In the wake of the overturn of Roe v. Wade, Google executives announced that the company would cover out-of-state abortions and allow employees to "apply for relocation without justification."

    Employees for Google also have a history of donating to Democrat candidates and Planned Parenthood, raising nearly $800,000 for the abortion provider back in 2016.


    "Whether it's censoring key Senate races, pro-free speech platforms, COVID-19 wrongspeak or former President of the United States Donald Trump, Google's leftist bent is clear," said MRC Free Speech America Director Michael Morris. "So it should come as little surprise that Google's pro-abortion agenda is trumpeted loud and clear also. 'By their fruit, you shall know them.' In Google's case, the fruit is obvious: evil."

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( November 19th, 2023 @ 9:53 am )
As an originator of content and the process of presenting such, I could care less about what Google has to claim on any issues within this space.

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