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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Ryan Saavedra.

    Palestinian women and minors who were released by Israel on Friday instantly embraced the flag of the Hamas terrorist group after they were freed into Judea and Samaria.

    The convicted criminals, many of whom had ties to Islamic terrorist groups, were released in exchange for Hamas releasing 13 Israeli hostages who were abducted during their October 7 terrorist attack during which they murdered 1,200 Israelis and kidnapped more than 240 people.

    Of the 39 Palestinian criminals who were released, 22 were women, 13 were boys, and two were girls.

    "The Hamas flags in the West Bank aren't anecdotal," said security analyst Michael A. Horowitz. "It's one of the group's main objectives: To entrench itself in the West Bank, where the battle to lead the Palestinian cause will take place, in the post-Abbas era. The group has never been more popular there."

    "All these convicted terrorists, most of them convicted of attempted murder, have been released today as part of a humanitarian ceasefire deal," said Sacha Roytman CEO of the Combat Antisemitism Movement. "See all the flags? Hamas flags are everywhere, welcoming these terrorists today in Ramallah. Once again, they celebrate terror and hatred. We saw how it ends on October 7. It all starts with a celebration of hatred."

    StandWithUs, a group dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism, also highlighted the presence of Hamas flags where the criminals were let go.

    "Terrorists, most of whom were convicted for attempted murder, were released from Israeli jail today as part of the ceasefire deal," the group said. "Hamas flags welcomed them home in Ramallah. We saw the consequences of this glorification of hatred and terror on October 7. 'Dangerous' doesn't even begin to cover it."

    The 13 Israeli citizens who were released from inside Gaza arrived back in Israel on Friday after being held hostage for nearly two months by Hamas terrorists.

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service, immediately met with the released hostages once they entered Israeli territory and had them undergo an initial medical assessment.


    "They will continue to be accompanied by IDF soldiers as they make their way to Israeli hospitals, where they will be reunited with their families," the IDF said. "The IDF, together with the entire Israeli security establishment, will continue operating until all the hostages are returned home."

    The IDF said that it was important for people to remember what the hostages have been through and that people should demonstrate "patience and sensitivity during this time out of respect for the released hostages and their families."

    The Times of Israel reported that the 13 released hostages included Hanna Katzir, 77; Margalit Mozes, 77; Yafa Ader, 85; Hannah Perry, 79; Adina Moshe, 72; Danielle Aloni, 44; Emilia Aloni, 9; Ruthi Monder, 78; Keren Monder, 54; Ohad Monder, 9; Aviv Asher, 2; Raz Asher, 5; and Doron Katz-Asher, 34.

26 days after the October 7th Terror attacks on Israel, where over 1400 Jewish men, women and children were gruesomely murdered, and hundreds more made hostage: Should the Biden /Harris administration finally state that the administration's primary Middle East negotiating partner, Iran, is behind the funding and strategy of the aggressors, the Hamas Terrorists, or continue to take the more moderate position of "Don't," which is clearly not working?
  Yes, name Iran as the funding /strategy culprit, and begin to enforce the President Trump era sanctions to END Iran's ability to prosecute this war against Israel and the United States.
  No, Iran is a valuable partner in the motives of the Biden / Harris administration, and must not be named as the culprit and our enemy.
  I have larger concerns just to survive in this economy.
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