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    U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens said during an interview this week that in his nearly thirty years serving in the agency, the border has never been secure.

    Owens made the remarks during an interview Martha MacCallum about the U.S. Senate's recently unveiled controversial border bill, which has received widespread pushback from Republicans.

    As the head of the Border Patrol, Owens is responsible for trying to convince members of Congress to provide the agency with the tools and laws that it needs to succeed.

    "There are definitely aspects of that bill that I liked for the agency," he said. "And there's aspects of it that, of course, I didn't."

    When asked if the bill would have secured the southern border, Owens responded: "In the better part of 28 years, I have never seen a situation where I as a law enforcement professional would have said the border is secure."


    "We need more people, we need more agents on the line, they need more force multipliers in the way of technology, equipment, and infrastructure that doesn't just help them do their job better, it helps keep them safe," he said. "There are aspects of this bill that would have added additional hundreds of border patrol agents to our rank and file that would have given us more technology, would have given us more equipment infrastructure. Of course I'm going to be supportive of that."

    He said that he was "disappointed" in Congress' inability to get an acceptable border package passed and stressed that by not doing so, they were putting the country in grave danger.

    "The mission of the Border Patrol is not to process asylum seekers - we are dealing with this migrant influx that really should be applying for entry into the country through an established port of entry," he said. "And when they don't do that, what it does is number one, it puts them in danger because it puts them in the hands of smugglers and cartels who extort from them, they exploit them on a very dangerous, dangerous journey. The other thing that it does is it pulls us off of task. While we're busy doing this, the cartels are taking full advantage of it somewhere else along the border to bring in who knows what and who knows who. These are the types of things like fentanyl, like other hard narcotics, hardened criminals, that do represent a danger to our community."

    He said that the agency needs more technology, infrastructure, equipment, and manpower.

    He said that he has no idea how many illegal aliens are evading law enforcement and escaping into the U.S. every month because "we don't have situational awareness, there's just so much at the border that we don't have control of and [places] we're not at right now."

    "So I know what we see, what we're able to to actually capture, and it's in the hundreds of thousands," he said. "And those are the numbers that really, for us, keeps us up at night because if you know that all you need to do is turn yourself in to the Border Patrol and go through the process, what possible reason would you have for wanting to evade capture and put yourself in danger to cross through the desert or be in a stash house or lock yourself in the back of a tractor trailer? Could it be that those are the folks that probably have criminal intent, that have bad intent, that represent a possible threat to the people of this country? That's the kind of thing that keeps us up at night."


    When he was asked if the border bill would have "had a good impact and turning that situation around," he responded: "If it allowed us to hold those people in custody until they were actually removed and it a delivered a consequence, then yes, it absolutely would have."


Understanding that there are two firm positions concerning the Open Border Crises, but many realties regarding its current, and, or projected real impacts to the functioning, sustainability of this Constitutional Republic: What position below best represents what you know to be true regarding this impactful policy?
  The United States' must continue the Executive initiative of Open Borders until a Democratic Congress can codify full Demographic Inclusion by keeping the Biden /Harris Open Borders policy in place.
  Our United States' borders are sovereign just as are our self-governed citizens, where borders must be maintained, monitored and defended, which is the position of core Republicans.
  I am in favor of Open Borders to make my America more of a global community; however, the federal government must now fix problems that "Red State" governors have caused in our cities.
  I do NOT favor the Democratic Socialists' disruption of the cultural fabric of my Representative Republic, and there will be Treasonous Hell to Pay when the certain calamity begins in earnest.
185 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

Considering what real news is available for all to witness, and in great specificity, should one pursue what is true outside of the channeled realm of the corrupt corporate /legacy media, and: Is Institutionalized Corruption real, and is it a hindrance to sustaining our Constitutional Republic now, and for future generations of American citizens?
  Not sure
440 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

The previous poll on Eastern NC NOW showcased what are many of OUR Constitutional Republic's certain obstacles to remain viable, where the top encumbrance to that continuance as a functioning Republic was the Biden /Harris Wide Open Southern Border. Understanding this overwhelming concern to real America citizens: Do you believe it important to challenge the veracity of those legislated concerns of Democratic Socialists by transporting Illegal Migrants to their Sanctuary cities, counties and states for their direct care?
  Yes; test the depth of their "compassion" by giving Democratic Socialists an opportunity to enact all Sanctuary provisions in their communities to test how much they truly do care.
  No; the Biden /Harris Wide Open Southern Border Project is designed to only inundate "Red States" to begin their Demographic Upheaval for the benefit of we Democratic Socialists, our politics.
  I generally do NOT care about politics, but it is fun watching abject hypocrites squirm; maybe I will start getting more involved.
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Should the Institutionalized Corruption of the Biden /Harris Administration, in this separate instance the Open Border Policy of our Sovereign Southern Border, be not only tolerated, but sanctioned by the raising of local spending by local politicians to pay for these now visible and known effects of rampant, and out-of-control Illegal Immigration?
  Yes, it is a kind thing to do, and a way that our county, our state can aid in this tremendous effort toward local federal foreign aid; and now, thankfully, in great abundance.
  No, our Constitutional Republic WILL NOT continue to exist, as our United States of America, if we do not control our sovereign borders, to protect our citizens, to keep them solvent and safe.
  I only consider what is topical and popular since my friends, too, only care to do the same.
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Considering the deep morass of complete incompetence at the Federal level, in the executive branch of our self-governed People, unarguably the worst in modern times; if certain changes could be made by Impeachment of those most qualified: Who would be your best choice because of abject Corruption, incompetence, or both?
  Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
  Attorney General Merrick Garland
  President Joseph R. Biden
  Are you a MAGA Extremist, and do not know any better? These are our best of days, not our worst.
  FBI Director Christopher Wray
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In stripping away the heavy varnish of fakery by the heavy handed Corrupt Corporate Media; in taking a true view of what is real, right now with clear open eyes: How do you see this 46th President of these States United; what is your visceral first impression of Joe Biden after nearly 3 years on the job?
  A good man, wise and kind
  The Socialist President
  A president in praise of his son
  The Non Patriot President
  A successful president
  The Idiot President
  A knowledgeable president
  A corrupt president
  A perfect leader of the Democratic Socialist party
  The man is married to a "Doctor"
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