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As an opening argument, I will give you mine, which be a shifting quantity of these televised programs obvious quality of position, as I recollect what is best ... for me and my kind, reasoning that I can NOT watch everyhing, nor would I ever endeavor to.

The primary cast of North Exposure; 1990 to 1995: Above.

    In this era of high tech Home Theater arrangements of endless options of cinematic series, movies, sitcoms, and episodic television, we, who consume, all have our favorites in this copious threaded arena of these many entertaining stories of reality, comedy, and, on occasion, high art reminiscent of the best of film. Considering this plethora of content ranging from the lowest of low-brow, an example is Realty Television, to the highest art of story telling that uplifts our spirits, and rewards our conscious intellect: What series of small screen content do you believe rises to the level of art?

    And just what is art ... in this particular case of the Small Screen variety?

    My opinion is that art is what moves you, and what moves me if I am watching anything are the the well crafted stories where one is drawn in to the point that they might endure a range of emotions regarding the human condition expressed, exposed as it is told well.

    In Conclusion, it is my position that there are many categories of content expressed for the masses; however, for the sake of putting a finer point of what could be considered of an artful endeavor, I am limiting these conditional categories of prominence to: The Miniseries; Limited Series; Episodic Series; Situational Comedies /Drama; Informational Exposition. These conditional categories must be primarily produced for the television audience, while excluding some arcane items, like Made for Television Movies as an example.

Stan's Favorites

An Ongoing Collation

The Mini-series

Less that 10 Episodes

     1. Lonesome Dove

     2. John Adams

     3. Jesus of Nazareth

     4. Roots

     5. Chernobyl

     6. The Queens Gambit

Limited Series

10 or more Episodes

     1. Band of Brothers

     2. 1883

     3. The Offer

     4. The Pacific

Episodic Series

2 or more Seasons

     1. Northern Exposure

     2. The Chosen

     3. Yellowstone

     4. Mad Men

     5. Outlander

     6. X Files

     7. Vikings

     8. Downton Abbey

     9. Twilight Zone

     10. Ozark

     11. House of Cards

     12. Mr. Robot

     13. The Crown

     14. Peaky Blinders

     15. The Last Kingdom

     16. Daredevil

     17. Sherlock

Situational Comedies /Drama Episodic Series

     1. Seinfeld

     2. Ted Lasso

     3. Andy Griffith Show

     4. Curb Your Enthusiasm

     5. Malcolm in the Middle

     6. Flight of the Conchords

     7. Mary Tyler Moore Show

Informational Exposition Episodic Series

     1. Planet Earth

     2. The Universe

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